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Our Favorite Cat Calendars + For a Happier New Year

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Usually by mid-December I’m itching to fast forward to the New Year and that means hanging up new calendars. Otto, my new assistant will be sharing his favorite cat calendars, puzzles, sticker books and some not so fluffy cat wisdom. In full disclosure, as much as I love cat calendars. the lovely folks at Workman let me choose from their huge selection from astrology, travel, and yes, birds and dogs! My desk calendar will be the page-a-day 1000 places to go before you die for everyday inspiration.

While this post isn’t sponsored, the publishers sent a huge box of products. I’m keeping some and donating a bunch to the shelter where we adopted Otto. I’ve also included Amazon affiliate links.

Take it away, Otto!

Well, hello dear friends, furry and other, this is my first post so be kind. Speaking of being kind, this is how I feel about gifts.


cat quote kindness gift


I must admit, I had no intention of reviewing anything but when I saw these items on the floor. You know what they say about curiosity. One thing led to another and suddenly, I found myself with a new job! There better be extra treats. Please tell me your favorite cat calendars.


favorite cat calendars

The techy linky bit is difficult even with my polydactyl paws so Layla will add them.

If you love kittens, this is for you. Personally, I prefer older cats like me.

The always classic and bestseller 365 cats for desks:

My favorite though is the 2024 Cat Trivia calendar because you can learn something new about cats every day.

My cat dad picked Cats On Catnip because he likes a big wall calendar and the images crack him up.

If you like a big sturdy table top calendar, I suggest this one.

Do like Chonky Cats Calendar? They are too cute if not over-indulged. I’m borderline Chonky and while fat cats are cute, it’s best not to overfeed your cats!

If these aren’t to your taste, there are dozens more.


This year Layla must have wrapped dozens and dozens of gifts and I should know since I sat on all of them. I love sitting on newspaper but gift wrap is more silky luxurious like the extra thick paper of Victoriana Cats. There is a matching sticker book which Layla had way too much fun playing with.


Otto cat gift quote


I don’t have any experience with puzzles but I’m very curious about the Victoriana Cats puzzle. It looks like fun batting the little pieces off the table. (Sorry, Layla just informed me that’s not how you play with puzzles. Ugh, killjoy!)

I guess the stickers are not for cats either but they are awfully cute.

Ooops, this blogging thing is harder than it looks. I wanted to add some cute items from our non-profit shop but they vanished and now it’s late and Layla said, enough work for one day. If anyone really wants to find it go ahead. Meow Magic

meowy Christmas sweatshirt

P.S. Before I’m totally in the doghouse, I better post our now classic award-winning book. Thank you for reading, browsing and shopping.
Love & purrs,


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