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Do You Feel Lucky? Vintage Black Cat Game

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black cat card game

Do you feel lucky? We veering slightly off course today from cat books to cat games and fun trivia. Did you know that Parker Bros.the makers of Monopoly began making games in a town famous for witches? That’s right, Salem, Massachusetts. Monopoly, their most famous game was created in 1903, but their first game in 1883 was called Banker. One of the original Parker brothers shares their fascinating History at a descendant’s blog. In 1897 the came out with The Black Cat Fortune Telling Game (pictured below). The games with 24 cards and a questionnaire attempts to test fate. Reissued in the ’50s, all versions turn up on E-Bay but I’m hunting for a complete set from the original 1897 version for the charming cat lithographs. Wish me luck!

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antique black cat fortune telling game
















black cat card games

The questions are delightfully quirky but I wouldn’t wager on their accuracy. Have you ever had your fortune told?

black cat game


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