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Cat Wisdom 101: Leap Into Summer Update

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Odin cat jumping-leap into summer

We’re back after a brief blog break ready for all kinds of leaps. Odin, seen above, stays in shape by leaping, climbing, running in a feline version of a triathlon. I wish I had the same energy but I’m dancing close to burn out. In order to take care of my health I’m doing the bare minimum work online. My acupuncturist said in order to conserve my energy I have to talk less which is hard because I spend so much time doing cat consults and other business on the phone. Plus for those of you who know me, know how much I love gabbing!

It didn’t help my stress that we were blasted by anti-Howard and Beth Stern flamers on our post about North Shore Animal League last week. In six years of blogging I’d never experienced such vile comments. I deleted most the offensive ones with but I believe if someone has a legitimate opinion they have right to speak it and have left many of the comments up. They are eye openers and the upside was a huge surge in traffic.

The good and better news is the gargantuan task of migrating my other blog, Boomer Muse to WordPress was completed today by our host Godaddy and is a testament to the power of social media. I’d blogged about being forced to end my blog and tagged Godaddy on G+. They phoned me the next day and agreed to do the complicated task. After six years of blogging there was huge archive of posts and images requiring lots of manual acrobatics. It was a huge relief to save everything including over 200 cat posts. I’m very grateful but I’ve been on pins and needles for days and now, I have to build out and design the new website. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. It will be and Cat Wisdom 101 will remain as is. I’ll revamp the design once I’m feeling better.

What’s keeping me sane is of course the cats and spending as much time in the garden as possible. Merlin (who is doing well) loves my bed “office”.

My advice to anyone juggling too many balls:

1) Unplug from digital devices (at least for a few hours)

2) Spend time in nature (not on the phone)

3) Talk less, breath more deeply.

4) Rethink what’s normal. Let’s make an afternoon cat nap the new normal.

5) Drop a ball. It won’t kill you.

6) Ask for help.

7) Snuggle with a pet.

Layla Morgan Wilde- merlin cat


  • The Island Cats

    We’re so glad the technical blog stuff is over. The mom says she knows how stressful this can be. And she’s gonna try to take your suggestions on how to relax to heart. šŸ™‚

  • Flynn

    I am glad the migration of Boomer Muse has been successfully completed.
    I didn’t see your last post so had a look. I don’t know of the Stern’s and everybody is entitled to their opinion, but some of those comments are not opinions, they are pure spite. Try and put them behind you and rest up with your cats.

  • Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    We’re so glad to hear that you got the old posts migrated successfully! The Sterns have been polarizing figures for years now. We don’t have a strong opinion about them either way, but it’s amazing that people took the time and effort to come from all over to your blog to vent their issues about them.

  • Carolyn

    ConCats on migrating the blog successfully, Layla!! I didn’t see the post that caused flames. I don’t know who the people are that you mentioned!! But you don’t need the hassle. And now take a breath and cuddle a kitty as per your own advice! xx

  • Kathryn

    wow, good that it will be migrated, but ouch – all those tasks.

    rest up.

    i meditate every day – at least once, often twice – every time i get stressed – and meditation cures it.

  • Pawesome Cats

    I’m glad you have the blog issues sorted out and am sorry about the haters….I’ve been juggling too many balls lately too – hence dropping to 3 blog posts a week and spending less time online. I couldn’t agree more about bringing in daily afternoon catnaps – I’ll snuggle with one of my fur babies at the same time. Hope you feel reenergised soon. xx

  • Sparkle

    What a relief for you to get all that tech stuff worked out! As for the flames regarding Beth and Howard Stern… to me, some of it smacked of jealousy towards people who are wealthy. And that is the commenters’ problem, not yours or the Sterns.

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