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#AdorableAdoptables Success Story & Meet Eva

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[Tweet “Look who got adopted! #AdorableAdoptables #Cats Eva a torbie lady needs a home #NYC area”]Time heals many wounds and it has for the 60+ cats rescued from a hoarder in my neighborhood a month ago. Every time I visit them at the New Rochelle Humane Society I marvel at the progress. Cats who shrunk back in their cages are leaping out to play and be touched. Every touch is tinged with hope. Many of the cats are still receiving medical treatment, dental and other surgeries. Some are in foster homes and a few were miraculously adopted, exchanging a life of caged horror to a real, loving home. About 35 are still in cages in small windowless rooms and I’ve been focused on getting the adoptable (non-hoarder cats) adopted to in order to move caged cats into the large cage-free room.

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Good News: Last week’s Adorable Adoptable Klaus Von Gingerkat was adopted!

Klaus cat adoption adorable

Sweet older gal Zelda has found a lovely foster home and a possible forever home

Update: Zelda’s foster mom adores her but may not be able to continue to foster. Zelda will be needing a NEW foster or permanent home.

Zelda torbie

From the same room, an equally sweet, older hoarder cat, a dilute Torbie named Eva. I kept notes on her progress.

On June 5th she felt ready to explore outside her cage. She leaned outside the open cage door curious, scent-marking the bars but not ready to jump. I lifted her down and the downy softness of her fur was a silky delight. She enjoyed playing with a feather toy and to my surprise leaped back into her cage on the second level. Cats that have lived in cages need to gradually assimilate to a larger space and it was good to see her stretch fully. She has a calm and quiet charm. She’s blossomed so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if more of her sassy personality will shine soon.

On June 11, she enjoyed watching another cat play with me but didn’t want to leave the safe confines of her cage. Only one cat can be released at a time from the cages.

On June 16, I moved her toys stuck underneath a blanket. With fluid grace, she jumped out by herself and we played but she really didn’t want to go back into the cage and hid underneath the bottom cages. This is a popular spot and I can usual lure the cats out easily but not this time. She wanted to feel free so I worked with some other cats in another room next door. I’d check in on her as did another shelter worker. An hour later she was ready to return.

On June 22, I heard Eva had graduated! She has moved to the big cage-free room! I feel she’s a cat that was well socialized in her past, before being hoarded. Her gentle spirit would suit a quieter home. She’s a young, nimble senior about 8 years old and raring to enjoy her golden years! Eva is ready right now for a foster home or adoption. #ADOPTEVA


Eva’s File # is 14274A The New Rochelle Humane Society is open seven days a week and their phone number is 914 632-2925

Let’s get her adopted soon so she can enjoy the summer and forget her horrible winter. It’s still Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month and I’m offering free cat art portraits for any cat I’m featuring for adoption.


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