Two Shelter Cats’ Best Christmas & Merry Everything


In case you didn’t get our Merry Everything holiday card yesterday, here it is with our warmest best fishes, I mean wishes, okay fishes, maybe smoked salmon or trout and a very furry good new year!

It’s been an intense year of highs and lows and the support of our readers and fellow cat bloggers makes it all worthwhile. Thanks so much for being here, especially right now.

Today, just in time for Christmas, we have two special kitty announcements!

Many of you have gifts under a tree and stockings filled with treats, but the best gift of all for cats is a home. It was a year ago that a tiny, one-eyed gray gal arrived in our home just before Christmas. The plan was to foster a cat for the holidays. The thought of adoption seemed too committed, too long term and fraught with the potential of pain and loss. Our dear Gris Gris had suddenly suddenly the day after Christmas the previous year. Fostering felt safe, easy and a kind thing to do for Vicky as she was known then.  Vicky quickly turned into Nou Nou and despite her idiosyncratic ways has become our princess.

She still hates being photographed so I rarely bother her. Of all the cats I’ve known, she’s by far the weirdest, in a good way.  It took a few months, but she learned  to trust and not to scratch at the slightest provocation. I had to fine tune my intuitive skill to read her moods and avoid being nicked. She’s a mega head butting and affectionate gal now but only when the princess feels like it. So unlike our boys. She demands respect or simply runs and hides. It’s too bad she doesn’t like the camera because the camera likes her. Maybe one day she’ll turn into a meowdel muse, but today we celebrate her Gotcha Day and …


There is nothing predictable about Nou Nou. Sometimes she sleeps with me (never under the covers) and ideally when I’m asleep and don’t know she’s there. Sometimes she sleeps in a covered cat bed or a permanent pile of old cashmere sweaters. She scurries like a rat (her nickname is Rat Baby) has no interest in climbing (except inside the baby grand), being picked up or sitting in laps. She doesn’t mind sitting next to me or being near me when I work. Sometimes she plays like mad and then not at all for weeks.  Ditto on and off catnip or certain toys. Her unusually thick tail has more undulations than a cobra and she likes eating in numerous locations. 

Nou Nou is a sweet weirdo with more than her share of behavioral issues.  Frankly, in an average home, she would be a likely candidate for a shelter return. An on and off again litter box issue (peeing and pooping out of the box) was resolved with diet and probiotics for constipation. A good odor eliminator to clean soiled areas worked well and a UV light to check unseen areas of pee is always recommended.

She still adores Odin, but he runs hot and cold mostly since they keep different hours. Nou Nou is a night owl like me and but unlike me, gets to sleep 16 hours a day.  We’re both a bit crankypants these days and she nixed any photo shoot.  I made a collage which wouldn’t upload and posted it to Pinterest where you can see a nicer version.  Nou Nou of course is secretly pleased about the attention if not the photos.,,



We’ll never know about Nou Nou’s early life.  She was likely born in a hoarding situation with at least two siblings and about a year later landed a shelter with 15 abandoned cats. Her left eye was missing. and still is a bit goopy. Of the three sisters, Uma and Vanna were perfectly proportioned and very pretty. All were barely socialized and very skittish, but I figured they had a better chance of being adopted than the odd, stubby-legged and one-eyed Vicky. Living in a cage in a tiny, windowless for seven months didn’t help.  None were adoptable at that point. Again another reason fostering is important. It’s a break for caged shelter cats to live in a less stressful, or natural home environment and be socialized.
Nou Nou> Uma_Pablo cat_westchesterhumanesociety
Nou Nou, the day after she arrived at the shelter and the day we met eye-to-eye.
For a while, Vicky shared a cage with Uma but the tight quarters didn’t suit sharp-clawed Vicky and placed in a nearby cage alone.  More curious than fearful, Vicky would jump out of her cage and play but shied away from any physical contact.  Gradually her spunky character emerged and she grew bolder while her sisters remained as cautious as ever. Shortly after Vicky (now Nou Nou) arrived home for Christmas, her sisters were moved into the cage-free area of the New Rochelle Humane Society which recently changed their name to the Westchester Humane Society and have a great new website.

Early last winter, Vanna got lucky and despite her reticent ways got adopted. I’d hoped someone might want both sisters, but that’s adoption karma. You never know when you’re turn is. Uma waited and waited and waited.

Finally, just in time for this Christmas, Uma got adopted!










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43 thoughts on “Two Shelter Cats’ Best Christmas & Merry Everything”

  1. Thanks for visiting, Layla. Nou Nou found an endlessly understanding patient cat parent in you. Wishing you all a Happy Gotcha Day and healthy, joyous holiday season!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Nou Nou! What a wonderful home you found. And we’re so happy your sisters found their happily ever afters, too!

    Happy everything to you, sweet pals. We love you!

  3. Nou Nou sounds like me only I’m not weird. No, the peeps don’t know my story but are sure I’d been returned at least once to the shelter. Happy Gotcha Day Nou Nou! Merry Merry Christmas from La Condo Keisha to your abode.

  4. So happy Nou Nou became your forever princess. The litter box issue could easily bring her back to shelter with some other people. She is very lucky to have found you 🙂 And congratulations to Uma for finding forever home!
    We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Meowy Catmus especially to Nou nou, whose quirky ways remind me of Cocoa, a senior, whom I adopted in April. She had been declawed, adopted and returned twice and had almost no hair on her front legs and lower tummy from OCD She threw up a hairball daily was the reason for return . She was put on human OCD meds and it all grew back. Went thru 2 food trials for 4 months, as it also appears to be food sensitivities and allergies. She has had normal reports on her entire GI system, but her Manx tail showed up broken in 4 places, so wonder about her miserable past lives and humans. She hates the resident cat, and that’s the reason I got her-to be company due to the death of another beloved. She’s currently living in my bedroom and hopefully will some day adjust to my other senior-cats are quirky, but I am willing to tolerate it and give her the best life possible in her senior years. Both felines send their furry fishes to Layla and her fur family for the Meow Year, especially Merlin, whom we all love.

  6. Merry Christmas to all of yous! May your life be filled with the wonder and hope of Christmas all year!
    Love Nellie and Mommy
    PS extra specil kisses for Merlin

  7. I received my Christmas card and want to wish you all a Merry Christmas or happy whatever holiday you may recognize!

  8. Happy Gotcha NouNou and Happy EVERYTHING to all of you! We hope your holidays are merry and bright and full of what we already know there’s a LOT of around your house…………..LOVE.

    Pam and Sammy

  9. Happy Gotcha Nou Nou! It takes awhile to get adjusted to that big black box. When Mom first started taking photos of me I was always afraid but she did it multiple times a day when I first got here and within a month I figured out it wasn’t going to eat me I was OK with it especially since Mom kept putting it in my whiskers! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

  10. Happy Happy Everything to all!!!!!
    We are so very happy that Nou Nou is a permanent part of your family and that her sisters have been adopted.
    We purr and pray for all in need, animal or human. We send out special love and purrs and prayers for all of those in need in any way. We pray for those affected by the tornadoes and flooding and for all that are suffering from loss or need thru out the world.
    We pray and purr for peace, compassion, love, and forgiveness for all.
    Meowy Catsmus to all! Santa Paws comes tonight!
    Luvs and peace and purrs and thanks,
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  11. Happy Gotcha Day Nou Nou! Eric also disliked the camera and the majority of his photos were taken using the zoom.
    That is very good news that Uma has now also been adopted.

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