Feline Throwback Thursday With Birthday Boy Merlin

Look what arrived just in time for Feline Throwback Thursday With Birthday Boy Merlin. This is a revised cached post with some different images and may or may not include comments.

This Throwback Thursday is all about our birthday boy, Merlin. We’re so excited!  We just got the prize we won from our friends at Cat Chat With Caren and Cody for a 16 X 20 photo on canvas from CanvasPop.com.  The hard part was choosing a photo from our huge archive. I wanted something  life-sized to remember Merlin by from his younger, healthier days.  The garden is is favorite place and what could be happier than this basket of joy.  I had no idea if the photo art would turn out well but wow,  it surpassed all expectations. I think Merlin approves and now

Cat merlin art pop portrait

merlin-magical-cat-cat wisdom 101-art

we have a forever Merlin. It’s kind of magical, like cats. here’s a few more blasts from the past. And If you’d like to make a small donation for Merlin’s birthday fund for shelter cats, please do.

[wpepdd name=”Merlin’s Birthday Shelter Cat Fund” price=”10.00monday-merlin-kindness-cat” url=”https://catwisdom101.com/path. “]


merlin-siamese-quote-buddha-cat-wisdom-dalai lama

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