The CatBird Seat

Odin, here and I have no guilt or remorse about killing that bird (see Saturday’s post). I felt proud and higher than snorting a kilo of catnip. Being a Gemini, I have two sides. My mom calls them angel/devil because I’m either sleeping like an angel or being naughty. Sometimes, I surprise her by behaving shockingly well like this, posing all nicey nicey. I do it do remain in the catbird seat which means having the upper hand or paw.  Kinda makes up for what I did afterward, hehehehe. Have you been naughty or nice today?

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19 thoughts on “The CatBird Seat”

  1. Oh Odin, we are both norty and nice. It isn’t any fun being one or the other and we have to be norty part of the time. That is one great picture of you. We know you are a good boy part of the time. You are just a youngster and you will grow out of all that bad stuff. It keeps your Mom busy. Take care. Come visit our auction.

  2. fabulous photo!!

    Well, I am an Aries (that’s Cody not Mom) so I am always thinking of “Me” first.

    Mom is born on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, she says she is very much like a Scorpio since most of her planets are in Scorpio. I think that pretty much answers your question about WHO got in trouble today MOL!!!

    Your Pal, Cody

    1. Cody, being Aries would love the red and Caren, you seem like a Scorpio to me. Let’s hope no one gets into trouble today 😉

  3. We need to stop defining naughty and nice by the way humans do and train them to define naughty and nice the way we do. Nice is anything we like. Naughty anything we don’t. Therefore you are always nice!

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