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Unplug Pray Purr

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Everywhere I go online, there are heartbreaking stories and images of cats and other animals in dire need of help. I do what I can, but the need is so deep and constant, I feel helpless these days. It’s coupled with social media network fatigue. When I feel that way, I unplug and pray, go play with our cats or do something creative making this photo collage of our boys. How about you? Whatever your religion or spiritual beliefs, I hope this gets you purring.

cat's prayer-humor





  • Kent Butler

    It’s easy to be brought down by all the emergencies and constant needs I get by email and on Facebook. When it gets to be too much, I do something entirely unrelated (like my real business) or I write my “Nips” (similar to LOL cats – but I prefer mine…). Then, it starts all over. BTW – saved your fine prayer for future use in Catnip Chronicles.

  • Random Felines

    When mom starts to feel overwhelmed, she finds a foster kitten to cuddle….nothing makes everything better than a tiny body curled up and purring! We see the sad stuff out there but there is good stuff too about people doing the right thing….it doesn’t fix everything but it helps!

    • boomermuse

      So true. I’m unplugging today and going to the beach. Thanks everyone for leaving comments, I will be approving comments later in the day. Have a good one!

  • Pam Kimmell

    Love the poem…..and the sentiments therein. Sam says something similar every night before he tucks himself in! As for “unplugging” – I think it’s important for all of us to do that when we can these days… Does us all a world of good.

    Happy Wednesday from Pam and Sam

  • Milo and Alfie

    I agree ~ it is heartbreaking to read so many tragic stories, especially those that involve human cruelty towards animals. At times they make me despair and feel ashamed to be human. Sometimes I read the headline and pray, but I don’t go on and read the full story, or look at the images as I know they will upset me so much.

    BUT alongside them are stories of people who care, make heroic rescues, care for animals in need ~ and help restore the balance. Those stories are the ones that keep me going.

    I wish I could awaken a world wide empathy to animals at a stroke; make people realise they are living creatures that deserve respect and love. Alas I doubt it will ever happen in my lifetime.

    I to go cuddle and snorgle my own cats when I read sad stories about animals suffering. I console myself with making sure my animals are loved and cared for in every way. And I only ever give to two charities ~ animals and cancer.

    Jan (cat mom of 2)

  • Fuzzy Tales

    The human says ssshhhh, but she gets blog fatigue a lot, often feels weighed down with too much sorrow when four-leggeds are sick or have passed. She finds blogging only 3 to 4 days a week (and commenting mostly only on those days too) gives her the mental break she needs. And she says thank cod she doesn’t do FB or Twitter!

  • Fisher

    You are not alone and the heartbreak is overwhelming sometimes, but we have to keep the faith that every little bit we can do adds up when combined with so many other bloggers out there who are right there with us, doing what they can do.

  • The Tuxedo Gang Hideout

    Hello!! The Tuxedo Gang is made up of Black & White kitties, Grey & White kitties and kitties with patches of grey or black and some white! You can email me pictures of your kitties and I will add them to the Gang!! We also from time to time make kitties members Like Misses Peach, Zoey & Maggy honorary Tuxedo Gang Members!! Our email address is tuxedoganghideout (at) g mail dot com!!
    Samantha & The Tuxie Gang

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