Caturday: The Great Unknown

This week’s Saturday photohunt theme is “unknown” and we didn’t need to go farther than our garden path with our blind cat Merlin. He shows no fear as he bumps his way around in the great unknown (escorted of course). After a pissy rain-soaked week, I played hooky yesterday afternoon and lolled in a beach chair with Merlin on my lap. His bony back soon warmed from the Reiki energy of my hands and the warm sun. We never do that since he’s always intent on a brisk walkabout and never stops. Kind of like me. He’s been circle walking again and crying more loudly at night to be fed every 2 hours to stave off the inevitable muscle loss from kidney disease. It’s all the more reason to delay deadlines and enjoy a perfect June day outdoors surrounded by cats. Gris Gris always stays nearby with one eye on Merlin when not sprinting like a thoroughbred in a circular loop of sheer joy. On very happy days, like yesterday, he does it five or six times. To see a cat sprint free and at full speed for no reason but fun, is a thrill. Cats can sprint at 30 MPH and I don’t doubt it when the gray fur blur streaks by.

Stocky Domino watches and occasionally does a short half-hearted gallop chasing Gris Gris playfully. Odin always brushes by Merlin for scent bonding before flitting off to explore a mole hole or the new groundhog tunnel. During the rainy week only Odin would go in and out in and out with me toweling him off in between. Seeing the cats enjoying themselves in their unique ways reminds me of the great unknown. We simply don’t know what tomorrow brings. What I know for sure is, we have two giveaway winners.

We’re happy to announce the winner of our giveaway for a custom portrait of your cat from Painta.gram is Debra H. AND the winner for a year’s supply of cat litter from World’s Best Cat Litter is Erika G. Congratulations! Look for a email from Layla and Cat Wisdom

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12 thoughts on “Caturday: The Great Unknown”

  1. It sounds like all of you had a wonderful time outdoors. It is so important to stop and — instead of smelling the roses — pet the cats. Or… play with them. Or… just enjoy watching as they play.

  2. There are truly ones far more important than work or the daily grind. Time passes by far too quickly and we must learn to savor it all. We send our purrs and prayers to our dear Merlin and we hope he can feel us in the sunshine and smell us in the air because our hearts and love are there with him everyday.
    Luv Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  3. Speedy Sparky challenge the Great Gris-Gris to a sprint-a-thon. We can hold the race here, where the sprint can end in a dash up the walnut tree next to house, then a short leap onto the roof where we can stick our heads in the sky light windows and ask politely to be let inside. The Humans say the won’t let us in, but they usually do.

  4. It sounds like the boys enjoyed spending the day with you Layla……every day is a gift isn’t it – particularly with Merlin but certainly with all the boys.

    Happy Saturday!

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