7 signs from visiting ghost cats
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7 Signs From Ghosts Cats or Angel Cat

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It’s a new year but I’ve been thinking about old cats, namely angel or spirit cats. Here are 7 signs from ghost cats or your angel cat to help you understand the mystical connections between cats and the spiritual realm.

Cats, being enigmatic creatures in life, continue to weave their ethereal presence into our lives even after they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge. To me an angel cat is the spirit form of a cat you’ve known but a ghost cat could be the spirit of any cat.

7 signs from ghost cats
this is my beloved Merlin, who inspired this post.

7 Signs From Ghosts Cats or Your Angel Cat

ghost and angel cat visits

1. Unusual Behavior or Attention to Empty Spaces:

Your current pets might frequently focus their attention on specific spots or empty spaces, seemingly observing or following something invisible to the human eye. They might track movements or even interact as though they’re playing with an unseen entity.This behavior often indicates the presence of a visiting angel cat spirit.

Odin’s good friend Domino died near the fireplace in the living room and is buried nearby in the garden with Nou Nou and Clyde.
I’ve often noticed him staring into space in the living room but it’s Otto who is especially tuned in. He’s never met the other cats, didn’t know where they died but every evening he is transfixed by unseen spirits in that area.
Sometimes I have a good sense of which cat but its always a loving blanket of comfort. When Otto looks at me with that knowing look, I tell him, “I know, it’s just the spirit cats.”
Odin is nonchalant about the angel cat visits as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. He’s probably right.
2. Change in Energy Levels:
Noticeable shifts in the energy of your current pets might occur when the angel cat spirit is around. They might display heightened curiosity, excitement, or a sense of calmness and comfort, indicating the soothing presence of the visiting spirit.
At my house, it’s usually in the evening when we watch TV but it can happen any time.
3. Vocalizations and Reactions:
Some pets might exhibit unusual vocalizations like chirping, meowing, or purring, especially when they’re in areas associated with your departed cat. Additionally, they may exhibit behaviors reminiscent of their interactions with the angel cat, such as playing or cuddling as if the spirit is physically present.
4. Altered Behavior Patterns:
Changes in your current pets’ behavior can manifest, such as adapting habits or mannerisms similar to those of the departed cat. They might use similar resting spots, play with toys favored by the angel cat, or adopt similar routines, indicating an acknowledgment or emulation of the spiritual presence.
5. Dream Visits:
Many individuals report dreams of their departed feline friends. These dreams often feel vivid and profound, leaving a sense of peace and reassurance. Such dreams serve as a powerful mode of communication from these angel cats, conveying their love and continued presence in your life. It’s a comforting experience and can happen at any time. I haven’t thought of my soul cat Merlin in a while and he’s been dead for years, but I recently had a dream from him, hence this post.
6. Subtle but Distinct Signs: Look out for subtle signs such as fleeting glimpses or shadows resembling your departed cat, unexplained movements of objects reminiscent of your cat’s habits, or even hearing faint purring or meowing when there’s no cat around. These subtle manifestations can be gentle reminders of their enduring presence. Sometimes the sign is obvious like an indention of a cat form on a blanket.
7. Sensory Perception: Sometimes, individuals experience sensory perceptions associated with their departed cats. It could be a sudden whiff of your cat’s scent, feeling a light touch or brush against your skin, or hearing their distinctive collar jingle. After my dear black cat Clyde died, I could hear his distinctive footsteps on the upstairs corridor.
hello angel cats
Tips to Understand and Embrace Their Presence:
1. Open Yourself to the Experience: Acknowledge and accept these signs as messages from your angel cat. Open your heart and mind to receive these subtle communications, as they often bring comfort and healing. Don’t brush aside the phenomena as your imagination. When time and trust, it’ll be easier.
2. Create a Sacred Space: Designate a corner or space in your home as a tribute or alrar to your departed feline friend. Place their photos, favorite toys, or belongings in this space to honor their memory and create a connection point for their spirit. I keep a portrait of Clyde next to the fireplace. That corner acts as a spirit portal to their graves.
7 signs from ghost cats
3. Communicate with Love: Speak to your angel cat openly. Say hello. Share your thoughts, memories, and feelings. Expressing your love and gratitude helps create a strong spiritual bond, fostering a deeper connection with their ethereal presence.
4. Seek Support: Surround yourself with a community that understands and respects the spiritual connection you have with your angel cat. Engaging with like-minded individuals or seeking guidance from animal communicators can provide invaluable support and validation.
Embracing the signs and presence of angel cat spirits from the Rainbow Bridge can be a profound and comforting experience.
It’s a source of comfort for cat owners but also the cats who lost their kitty companion. Their love transcends the physical realm, continuing to grace our lives with their celestial presence, reinforcing the enduring bond that transcends the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms.
Thanks for reading 7 Signs from Ghost Cats and I’d love to hear about any ghost cat or angel cat experiences of yours.
xo, Layla


  • Nancy West

    I love this post and it brought tears to my eyes. Over the years, I have dreamed about/felt/seen/sensed my departed beloved cats (and dogs!) many times and in many ways. My current crew of cats DEFINITELY communicate with spirit or ghost kitties–or possibly human spirits too, as I live in a 100 + year-old home. I love the animal visitations! (Um… not so much the human ones! LOL!)

    Thanks, Layla! This was wonderful!

  • Andrea

    I usually have dreams about/from the cats I’ve been very close to. But I’ve also seen glimpses of them, usually out of the corner of my eye. I’ve never noticed my other cats reacting to this though. The first time this happened was shortly after Rainbow died. As I walked through the living room to feed the remaining cats, the white tip of Rainbow’s raised tail followed me. All of the other cats had gone before me into the kitchen so I knew it was her. The dreams I’ve had were ones I’ll never forget. I only wish I had repeats.

  • Amy Harlib

    Much as I’ve wanted to, I have never experienced a ghost cat manifestation, not even in my dreams (which I rarely remember anyhow). I am a very unpsychic person much to my frustration. Interesting supernatural phenomena never happens to me.

    Many cat people have ghost cat stories, wish I did!

    Blessings and Purrs!

    • Layla Wilde

      Amy, never say never. The environment can name a difference for instance living in a space where other pets have died.

  • Sue Brandes

    I see my cats sometimes staring or acting like a kitty is in that spot. I see shadows sometimes and all my kitties are sleeping. I have heard meows. I really think my cat Tubby who crossed the bridge a year before Cashew was waiting for Cashew. Cause I would feel him here. Like jumping on my bed from a high spot like he used to do. Knocking stuff around. He was a big kitty and did not know it so he was always knocking stuff down without trying. And when Cashew passed he smiled and I stopped feeling Tubby till recently.

  • Ann

    Interesting info. My cats have often acted strange at night. I’ve felt my old cat brush up against my ankles. It freaked me out at first but then made me happy.

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