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Dead Cats Communicate in Mysterious Ways

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Dead Cats Communicate in Mysterious Ways by Layla Morgan Wilde

In honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day celebrated today, I have an unusual tale about my OTRB cats. Way back in 2012, we held a One-of-a-Kind Kitty Bowl Giveaway Our custom bowl included the names of the original Cat Wisdom 101 cats: Merlin, Domino, Gris Gris and Odin. Odin is the only remaining cat of the group. After countless washing by hand and dishwasher it acquired few chips but fired ceramic bowls can last hundreds of years.


The bowl became Nou Nou’s favorite until a few weeks ago when whoops, hubby accidentally dropped it. It cracked in four pieces. I thought it odd that, three of the dead cats’ names were on one piece and Odin’s was on another. The broken shards sat on the counter. The bowl has such sentimental value, I didn’t want to throw it out but I didn’t think it could be repaired. When in doubt, wait it out.

broken bowl-one cat leads to another

Wait for a sign. Then it happened, Clyde made an appearance. Usually my dead cats appear as flying messengers: birds, butterflies or dragonflies. Just before I decided to write this post, a damselfly landed and wouldn’t budge off my phone until I asked whether I should write about this topic. The pretty blue-green damselfly looked at me with her big eyes and I took it as a yes. “Okay then,” and off she flew her iridescent wings reminding me how magical every life can be.

We have lots of wildlife on our property but I did a double take when I caught a black furry animal out of the corner of my eye. The first thing that came to mind was a black cat, namely Clyde. The little creature darted by one of Clyde’s favorite bushes and I realized it wasn’t a cat. I had to Google to identify it: Melano Marmota monax, a rare black groundhog. Leave it to larger-than-life Clyde to say hello in his own dramatic way.

It felt a message from a dead cat meant it was time to fix the bowl, not to use it was a food bowl but something else. While searching for some glue, I found Clyde’s memorial paw print, stored as a Christmas ornament. The messages or signs piled up. By the way, messages from the dead happen more frequently when you stay open and aware.

cat Clyde's memorial paw print

I glued the pieces of the bowl back and decided to re-purpose it as a memorial bowl and place for Odin’s collars. When something is cracked and fixed, it will never be perfect but perfect is the enemy of good. There are as many ways to remember and honor other dead cats as there are cats. There are no rules except what your heart dictates.

memorial pet bowl

They say time eases the grief of losing a beloved cat. I can only speak to my own experience, but the reason I love memorial gardens is to see the passage of time. Nature keeps reminding us of the cycles of nature. No matter what; the seasons keep turning, shifting from blooming, dying and blooming again.

Feel like making a mossy memorial garden? Here’s how

Since creating Clyde and Domino’s this past spring, I stop by most days to say hello and see the changes. The ground cover has spread nicely but the scorching heat dried the moss. But no matter, come spring, the moss will be green again. Their furry bodies are skeletons now but I prefer to think of all my angel kitties as ever changing forms of spirit.

I believe no one really understands the depth of pet love until they know loss. I also believe we are richer for it.


Are you remembering any special cats today? What are their names?


  • Rosalie Galvez

    This is lovely! This is too personal and I am grateful you have shared this to us. I feel your love for your beloved cats and I am sure they are loving the memorial garden.

  • Little Binky and Granny

    What a beautiful tribute to your beloved angels and such a wonderful way to remember them💗Granny gets signs that they are near all the time, especially from Angel, he comes to visit every year on his Birthday and brings comfort in the form of a Butterfly, but we also have seen them like they were when they were still on our planet. It’s really special and it warms our heart every time when it happens✨ Soft Pawkisses as you remember your sweet Angels, Laila🐾😽💞

  • Gabriella

    What a beautiful way to honor your baby – with a beautiful garden and these heartfelt words. Thank you so much for sharing your story about Clyde coming to visit you. It makes me so happy to see and hear of little signs that lost love ones can come to say hello in their own way❤️

  • meowmeowmans

    This is so beautiful, Layla. What a wonderful way to re-purpose that bowl!

    I love that Clyde came to visit on the winged mount of a damselfly, and then threw in the surprise of a black groundhog. That boy always did have something special up his sleeve. 🙂

    We still get visits every now and then from our angel cats, especially Moosey and Zoe. XO

  • Deb Barnes

    I love this post in so many ways and am so glad the pretty blue-green damselfly gave you the go-ahead to write, with her big-eyed blessing. I too have visitiations in other living creature portals for many of my angels, primarily birds and butterflys. My Jazz, the impetius for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was the only cat I’ve had who stayed with me for many months after, appearing in very clear, spirit form. His soul remains his, but part of it lives in his namesake, Jazmine. Sometimes when Jazmine carries a toy in her mouth and brings it to me, the meow so clearly belongs to Mr. Jazz that I swear it is him.

    Love and purrs from Deb and Mr. Jazz of Purr Prints of the Heart

  • The K Clowder

    Thanks for sharing Layla. Its funny…Alex and I drove up to Lassie Lake with Cinnamon on Dave’s birthday to scatter ashes. To the bag we added the ashes of Dave, Bob, Sam and Kokanee (the hairy slobbery sisters) Nellie and some dirt from the Licorice Memorial Garden. (Dave wanted his ashes mixed with the fur babies) All had camped at Lassie Lake and all lived the lake (this is the lake where Nellie was list for a week). When we got there and walked down to where the dock used to be…there was a swarm of Dragonflies! The bigh huge blue ones that Dave loved and Nellie loved to chase. There was an owl sitting in the same spot where we found Nellie after her adventure in the wild and the plaintive calls of the loons at the same moment I chose to pour in the ashes!
    Thanks for telling us about your Angels and sharing them with us on your blog, they felt like our family! Wes knows how impawtant kitties is to us. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.
    Purrs and paw pats
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  • Gail Bond

    Thank you Layla for your wonderful post, brought many memories happy and sad. We have 7 furry angels who mainly I see in my dreams. Poppy who was the last to become an angel at the young age of 6, she loved cuddling round my legs while I am at my computer desk and fall asleep by my feet. Every so often I feel her round my legs I always look down and smile. Thank you again
    Hamish, myself and my furry angels xx

  • Linda Sue Moren Abuelghanam

    My late kitties leave paw prints on my freshly made bed.
    We will be moving soon and I hope their spirits make the trip with us.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    I just lost another baby last week. Everywhere I have been lately there has been a Dragon Fly that hovers around the vehicle for a bit then flies away. I just know it is one of my babies “checking in” on me.
    It is very true that one does not know, comprehend the depths of nor understand love until they have suffered that first devastating loss. Then you know, then you understand and you think that you can never go thru that again…….and then someone comes along out of the blue. They need you and you cannot turn away even tho you know that one day you will endure that anguish again but this time you know that it will be worth every second of it. Like the bowl it can be mended but will always be different and less than perfect but treasured with all of our heart.
    Open hearts, open minds, open eyes and open arms experience so much more than others do.
    Luvs and Peace to all those that have lost it truly is only until we meet again……………
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • Feline Opines

    What a beautiful story and tribute. There is a beautiful rose garden behind my veterinary clinic and all my fur angels are there, most recently Tucker (February) and his sister Jasmine (June). I haven’t been able to do anything with their paw prints or collars yet but your beautiful bowl inspired me.

  • Andrea

    I’m so glad you were able to mend that bowl. It obviously holds a lot of memories.

    2020 has been a horrible year for me and it isn’t even over yet. I lost 2 cats this year under very painful (for me) circumstances. Two-y and Mulberry Spot were father and son. I also lost my mom (to the coronavirus) recently so I’m crying a lot these days. But of course I still remember Mewdy Blue ever single day of my life. That special life blessed mine for only 16 years but I felt as if he’d always been here.

    My cats usually come to me in dreams. I try to stay open to their messages as I go to sleep at night but there are some who haven’t visited yet. I’m still waiting for them.

    Thanks for your wonderful post today Layla.

  • Timmy Tomcat

    That is a wonderful story and we have many small things of remembrance around our home with our dear furs imprinted upon. We wish you all a day of love and good memories. We know that in our beliefs we will all meet again when our days come.
    Timmy, Dad, Toby, Rumpy Bumpy, Miss Fitz and Einstein

  • Sandee

    I believe they do come back to comfort us and let us know that they are okay. Hubby has seen glimpses of our precious Little Bit on more than on occasion.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  • Eastside Cats

    Our missing friends live forever in our hearts.
    Hugs and purrs on this remembrance day.
    And I believe that those who’ve crossed over often come back to visit, either in an ethereal form, or by using something that gives us a sign.

  • Brian Frum

    That was such a special story Layla. One of our favorite ferals went missing, we loved him lots, I was greeted by a lovely cardinal and I knew it was him stopping by to say thanks for the food and love.

  • wendie

    I have a black(with blue) butterfly that visits me. I call it Dexter. He was a black cat. I adopted a kitten last year several mths after I said goodbye to Dexter. He has the same naughty, smart personality. He leaves Dex’s old toys on my bed just like Dexter. Dexter had a larger than life personality. I think that’s why he visits more. My other past boys visit me in dreams mostly.

  • Marjore at Dash Kitten

    I am sure I felt Harvey jump on the bed while I was half asleep. I think he was a bird once too. I know they don’t go too far, maybe they miss us a lot too.

  • Memories of Eric and Flynn

    The story of how the bowl broke separating the names of those who have passed from Odin’s name gave me goose bumps.
    Yes, I know our loved ones do come back to visit us. My boys don’t visit as often as they once did. Maybe they think I am able to cope with their loss better now.
    The last time was in the Spring. We had just had a unusually warm spell of weather for the time of year so I put the summer quilt on the bed. It turned a lot colder again so rather than change the quilt again I put a yellow blanket over the top.
    Flynn always loved that blanket when it came out. I am not a perfectionist by any means, but I always like to have the bed nice and smooth. I went into the bedroom in the evening and there were perfect pawprints across the blanket. I asked Ivor if he had leaned across the bed and he said he hadn’t been in there. I even took a photo and sent to a blogging friend to ask if she was seeing what I was seeing, and she agreed.
    The most striking visit was soon after Eric died and it was so real. I think I told you about it at the time. It was very special. I hope they do decide to come back and visit me again.
    The strange thing is that I have never had a visit from any of the others who came before. Maybe it is because we had Eric and Flynn from such an early age and we are the only family they remember.

  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Oh, MY, yes…
    Groucho my first kitty, had no idea what I was in for, as he was adopted at age seven as a sort of rescue from a family with newborn twin preemies on respirators who were told they could now not have pets anymore because of the fur perhaps getting into those machines…
    We had him for many more years…and he outlived two others who came in as wee kittens, whom he mentored, as well as one other kitten.
    Next came Simba, who was found dead in his fave chair at age seven…likely had a heartworm…so sad…
    Then came Suki, the Meezer Purrincess…she had seizures and other health issues. When she had siezures the other cats would attack her, and the dog got all crazy too…she had to be in a cage for her own safety when I was not around…she passed at age 11.
    When Suki was about 6 months old, and Groucho was still with us, we got Toki, (Short for Tom Kitten), He was a gem! And he loved the dog, when he came here as a puppy…Toki immediately climbed into his bed and laid on top of him…a warm creature was his idea of comfort! LOL! They became best buddies. Toki would have made a great therapy kitty, I think, he loved anybody, even strangers and everyone thought he was a cutie…which of course he was! He also passed at age seven, from diabetic complications.
    And Groucho again was missing a friend.
    Groucho passed at around 18 or 19 years of age…he lived a long life, despite the disruption in his mid years.
    Suki was still with us, so we got two kittens, Minko & Pipo. Suki hated them both…and she hated me for a while too, LOL!
    So when Suki’s seizures became unmanageable, we had to let her go, she was 11.
    Then Minko got sick and I had to hand feed him…I did that for three years, and on Father’s Day of 2017 at the age of 13, he had a stroke. He was blind and paralyzed…so he too received his angel wings.

    (Our dog MJF,, missed him too, ans they were buddies, but not quite as close as he had been with Toki…and he passed at the age of almost 16, in 2018)
    So now there is just Pipo…(Age 16, at the end of this year…), he seems to enjoy being the only kitty, and he rules with whappy paws and hisses over the 2 hooligan pups we have now, LOL!

    Phew! Long story!
    Thanks for listening.
    Your story of the bowl is amazing!

      • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

        I forgot to mention, that after Minko had passed, I received a beautiful wind chime as a gift…well, I hung it outside and took some pictures of it, and when I looked at them later, there were several bright orbs all around it, as if Minko was saying he was OK, and see, how brightly shining I am now? Maybe the brightest was him, and the others were the earlier angels?? Who knows. Photographers would say it was just the way the sun was shining into the lens, but I think it was a sign to comfort me.

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