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When I posted the plight of an obese cat last week, I wasn’t optimistic about finding a home for a 30, but she got lucky. Yes, Toony was adopted thanks for the power of social media. That means everyone who shares and gets the word out, helps so, thank-you! We can’t save every cat but we can help them one at a time. If everyone just saved one cat, the shelters would be empty.

Toony cat

While I was in the same room as Toony, I noticed a new arrival who wore a collar but no ID. She was found on the street and not surrendered. She might have gotten lost, who knows, but clearly she belonged to someone. I hope someone may recognize this distinctive part Siamese older gal. For now she’s called Emily. Or Empress Emily. She reminds a little of the dowager on Downton Abbey, an elegant lady wondering what on earth happened to her queendom. If no one comes forward, I hope she gets to rule a new empire.

Emily Siamese shelter cat

Kitten Season has arrived. A feral mom and her three neonatal kittens are very lucky. After the kittens are weaned, mom will be spayed and released to a feral colony. The kittens are being socialized and are highly adoptable. Three out of four kittens in most shelters will not be adopted. We can prevent untold misery, let’s spay/neuter.

kitten season



The New Rochelle Humane Society located in Westchester County is easily reached from NYC. They are open 7 days a week. Most days 10 am-4 pm including Saturdays and Sundays.

Thursday is our late night when we are open 2 – 8 pm.



Adoption donation includes the spay or neuter, vaccines up to date, microchip and worming. All cats and kittens are tested for Felv & FIV.

19 thoughts on “Shelter Cat Adoption Good News & More”

  1. If only I could get a kitten every year! One year I reluctantly kept two, and those two are two of my only three remaining cats. It was a good decision upon reflection. What would happen to my cats if something happened to me is worrisome; but, what will happen to a cat if I do not adopt it, is another consideration. It is a conundrum–whatever that is. Time will tell.

  2. Yay for Toony and her new family! That is wonderful news, Layla. 🙂

    We’re purring for Emily. And we’re glad she found her way to you, because we know she’s safe and loved until she finds a new home.

  3. Hooray for Toony!!! Hooray for Emily winding up in your shelter (she stands a chance of finding her peeps again) Hooray for Feral Mom and her kits again they stand a chance!
    We purr and pray for all that they may find food, shelter, care and homes with peeps that truly love them.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  4. YAY !!! rockin awesum N de best oh fishes two ewe toony ♥♥♥ heerz ta a happee gotcha day & all de toyz ya can find in yur new forevers….

    emily…heerz hopin yur peepulz iz lookin for ewe, find ewe & ya dont ezz cape again; if itz knot like thiz at all, heerz hopin yur new for everz iz just round de korner ♥♥♥

  5. I hope empress emily founds a new home or she will find her furmily back… I feel so sad for the kittens wo could have a gloomy future… and it makes me angry that the people around me are annoyed when they arrive..although they did nothing to prevent… not even my offer to pay the bill was accepted… some peeps are just…

  6. Paws up for Toony and we purr that she loses the weight she needs to. It’s sad about kitten season. We wish more people would spay/neuter their cats so we wouldn’t have to worry about the little ones.

  7. Such good news that Toony has a new home! We hope that Emily’s family finds her. At least she is safe and can find a new home if her family doesn’t locate her. Paws up to your shelter and all the hard work they do.

  8. Poor Emily – I’m glad she wound up with the New Rochelle Humane Society – whether her family is searching for her, or there’s a new one in store, I know she’ll be safe.

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