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The Cat Is Out of The Bag: How To Sleep Like These Kittens

Layla Morgan Wilde/ May 21, 2018/ Black Cats Tell All Monday, Cats/ 9 comments

How To Sleep Like These Kitten Nursery Cuties by feline editor Clyde and sleep hygiene expert, Odin. Hello cat lovers, it’s your feline friends Clyde and Odin here today with some good news and cuteness to get you going. If you’re feeling less than perky maybe it’s because you’re sleep deprived. Those pesky blue and LED lights are monkeying with

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It’s Almost Kitten Season: Beat The Heat Q & A

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 10, 2015/ Cats, Reviews & interviews, Shelter Cats/ 15 comments

The last time I saw these cute shelter kittens they were waiting for their feline leukemia test results. The odds are stacked against them for a happy life but there is hope. They are a harbinger of the kitten season looming ahead but Alley Cat Allies, our favorite national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats

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Kittens, Kittens, Kittens! & When Bonded Cats Split Up

Layla Morgan Wilde/ July 23, 2014/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 20 comments

We’re taking a break from our usual Wednesday adoption spotlight on adult cats to focus on kittens. Last week at the shelter they mewed from every corner. Tabby kittens, tuxie, tortie and ginger kittens. Smoke blue, gray, bi-colored, male, female, shy, blind or bold, tiny fluff balls to young teens. The only thing they share, besides being cute is their

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Grumpy Cat Movie, #TheFriskies Cat Video Awards, Shelter Kittens & Gris Gris Memorial

Layla Morgan Wilde/ June 28, 2014/ cat photo quotes, Cat Saturday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Gris Gris, Shelter Cats/ 25 comments

You know you’ve hit the big time when the Hollywood Reporter announces your film. I was doing some bedtime reading the other night when my eyes widened. Grumpy Cat sitting in a sleigh? Yup, move over Grinch, there’s another grump slated to bring on Christmas cheer. I’m curious to know who they’ll cast as her voice. If Grumpy Cat could

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Kitten Season Explodes & Caturday Art Blog Hop

Layla Morgan Wilde/ April 5, 2014/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holistic cat care/ 19 comments

Here we go again. It’s kitten season and shelters are bursting at the seams with cats and kittens. Most will be euthanized. Countless others will remain homeless, enduring litter after litter. Kittens as young as four month old can reproduce. It doesn’t have to be this way. All we need to do is spay/neuter and adopt. Of course you know all

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$50,000 Worth of Cute: Catdance Film Winner & Exclusive Pics!

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 20, 2014/ Cats/ 20 comments

The Catdance Film Festival Winner is…“Ricky” UCLA MFA Candidate and Filmmaker Simon Savelyev wins $50,000 Grand Prize and the Coveted Golden Litter Scoop   The competition was as fierce as a cat fight but after thousands of votes and film views, The Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival viewer’s choice winner in the category of best scripted, original cat film is “Ricky.” Filmmaker Simon

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