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The New York Cat Film Festival Sneak Peek

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

We interrupt our normal Monday blog schedule with Clyde and his feline friends for a sneak peek about the furry, fabulous New York Cat Film Festival

At long last, a real film festival about cats is coming to New York on Dec. 9. This is not about cat videos but actual films from fictional shorts to documentaries featuring cats from around the globe. As a serious film buff married to a filmmaker and cat lover, I’m excited. Years ago, the NY Anthology Film Archive held the first NY Cat Art Film Festival in 2009 and ran until 2011. The reel included art house, vintage, black and white films which I loved, but there was a need for a feline film fest with a broader appeal.

I’m thrilled someone has filled the gap. Tracie Hotchner is the founder and director of the NY Cat Film Festival™ (following in the footsteps of her NY Dog Film Festival™) and is an author and radio host/producer of CatChat of the acclaimed Radio Pet Lady Network

There is nothing like enjoying a big-screen film experience with a like-minded audience. And we all know how fun cat lovers are. The NY Cat Film Festival promises to inspire, educate and entertain. There are two separate programs beautifully curated by the fest founder Tracie Hotchner and if you’re in the NYC area it’s a must-see. If you’re not, watch for hit theaters around the country (alongside the NY Dog Film Festival™) in 2018.


I can’t imagine a better way to spend a December afternoon – See one or both. See you there.

PROGRAM 1“NOBODY OWNS A CAT” (70 minutes) at 3:00 PM

Pure Fluff (5:00) Sean Skelton’s documentary sketch of a professional cat groomer, who shows how it’s done.

Winter Break (5:00) Rick Hamilton’s funny story of a preschool teacher who has only her cat for company during winter break.

Jetty Cats (56:00) Sheila O’Rourke’s sweeping overview of cats throughout human history, while exploring the contemporary debate about Trap-Neuter-Return as the best management for community cats by looking at a long-surviving feral cat colony on a seaside jetty in Southern California.

Amleto (2:00) Jeff Malmberg’s visual “poem” to the morning ritual of a Tuscan cat.


PROGRAM #2 “LITTLE WORKS OF ART” (68 minutes) at 4:30

Rescue (2:00) Filmmaker Lava Sheets’ self-portrait of the isolation and depression of being disabled, imagining the consoling thoughts of her devoted kitty, Apple Brown Betty.

Akamatsu the Cat (10:00) Ian Christopher Goodman’s documentary about life with a disabled kitty cat, Akamatsu, who was hit by a car and paralyzed but went on to live another 4 vibrant years with the use of a wheelchair.

Portrait of a Cat Fighter (4:00) Graceann Dorse’s mockumentary spoof gives a funny peek at what a New Jersey “cat fighting ring” run by mahjong-playing old ladies might look like.

Guardians of Recoleta (21:00) Blake & Adrienne Kuhre (who run their own non-profit cat rescue in Los Angeles) examined the community cats living in the iconic Buenos Aires Recoleta cemetery, and what became of the cats removed by well-meaning American rescuers.

Gus the Cat (5:00) Lisa Donato’s quirky film about Gus, who seems to think he is a cat and can hide his identity from others, although the people around him can see right through his mask.

Mittens from Kittens (4:00) Kim Best’s quirky documentary showing how one woman’s nuisance cat fur is another woman’s inspiration to spin and knit it into useful items.

Scaredy, the Cat (8:00) Markie Hancock’s heartwarming documentary about a very shy cat who avoids everyone where she was adopted – at the tennis courts in NYC’s Riverside park- except for a few choice people whom she eagerly greets.

Little Works of Art (13:00)Kim Best ‘s look at Harold “Cat Man” Sims’ and his self-styled American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva, NC, which houses over 10,000 cat-related objects and honors cats as “little works of art.” In addition, it supports Sims’ own no-kill, open space cat shelter and adoption efforts.

Tickets are only $15.00 and A portion of every ticket benefits the NYC Feral Cat Initiative (Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals) and one of our favorite nonprofits. For more info or to purchase, check out NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL TICKETS

NY Cat Film Festival


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