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Black Cats Tell Your Fortune

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Black Cats Tell Your Fortune with Clyde the black cat.

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Happy Mancat Monday! I haven’t shared any tarot readings lately. I’m working my own book about cat wisdom called The Future Is Feline . but I wanted to share some fortune telling secrets from my ancestors today. They will reveal something about yourself and you’ll be better armed if you have a reading.

Anyone wanting to know their future wants to know about the big two: Love or Money.

Women usually opt for love, while men are more keen to know about money. Closely linked with money, whether from a job or horse racing is Fame.

These days it’s more about insta-fame of gazillions of YouTube or Instagram followers, being on TV or the movies but fame isn’t all glamorous. I

t can be about accolades. The brass ring, the prestigious award, a lofty title many aspire to. It could as small as being the employee of the week, a Pulitzer Peace Prize or an Oscar. The original accolade was the laurel wreath of ancient Olympians and Roman conquerors. It was the visible proof or prize of WINNING.

The kinds of questions a person asks is telling but how they tell it reveals everything. If a woman is worried about a relationship or lack there of (#1 reason for a reading for single woman) it’s clear as the whiskers on my face.

Do not ask questions that are likely to become self-fulfilling prophesies like: will he choose his work over me? The answer is the first part of the question. He will choose work because it’s created such doubt, it will be easy to manifest.Do not ask: Does he love me? If you have to seek guidance from psychic whether the man in your life loves you, I assure he does not.

The woman who loves herself a tiny bit more than the man, will be very attractive. I don’t mean being a narcissist but valuing who you are. Hard to get is rarity marketing. We want what’s rare, unavailable, sold out.

Look at my great, great, great aunt Millie being proposed to. Look at her body language. She’s facing away from Lucky boy Blackie but leaning her head towards him. She’s not pouncing on him. She’s making him sweat and wait, just enough. Cats are masters of playing hard to get. Learn from us and you too will be lucky in love.

Black_cats_Fortune Telling _lucky in love

If you had to choose: would you prefer to be lucky in love or lucky with money?

When someone asks a fortune teller if they will win the lottery, I can tell you they won’t. Lady Luck doesn’t roll that way.

Black_cat_Fortune Telling _money

The more we hunger and pine for something or someone, the more it tends to elude us. As long as we’re focused on that empty space or lack, the easier it is to create more empty space. Remember the value of the laurel wreath, a tangle proof of winning, a talisman to create more luck and winning. Nothing succeeds like success. The most popular men or women are out there doing things, they aren’t wallflowers waiting for their ship to come in or buying lottery tickets.

Maybe you don’t have an Oscar but you probably have some award, something you achieved that made you feel good. Dig it out and look at it, hold it in your hands like the winner you’ve always been. Of course we don’t need prizes and silver cups but talismans any sort can work their magic. There is a sudden resurgence for crystals and all manner of woo woo charms but humans have valued the power of the talisman since caveman days.

Go find an objet, a magical talisman that speaks to your soul.

It could be a seashell or antique button, a crystal cluster or deck of tarot cards. Every generation discovers new ways of working with the old ways. But some things have not changed in eons. The need for love, acceptance, achievement or self-actualization and the means to live comfortably. What’s comfortable to one is having roof over your head and a full belly (that includes most cats) but for others it’s Champagne wishes and caviar dreams luxury.

What’s comfortable at 22 may not be at 52. Our needs change as we age and the price of luxury is sometimes too high for the soul. We live in an age of anxiety. The most valuable thing we can give is self-care which costs nothing but provides everything for a happy life.

In posing some questions, I’ve directed your attention to self-examination, an inroad to wisdom.


Black _cat_Fortune Telling_fam

So how does the future look for you? I predict it will be the best of the best. How you interpret that is up to you. My last secret is all that matters.

The past, whether yesterday or 1922 is over. You’re changing moment by moment. Every moment in the present creates the future.

That said, we love vintage cat art and leave you with some silly time travel back to 1922 with Layla and I.

Have a good week and don’t worry about a thing. It all works out in the end and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end. It might be the beginning.




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