StasiaB space cat dress

Out of This World Space Cat Fashion+

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Space cat books

Cat lover artists and writers have anthropomorphized cats for as long as humans have loved cats. Back in the space age of the ’50s, the “Space Cat” series of juvenile science fiction by Ruthven Todd captured the imagination of many children. A new generation of retro design fans like me have fallen for these books of cats travelling to the moon and beyond. The illustrations by Paul Galdone are irresistible. So imagine my delight when I came across a “Space Cat” dress on Etsy from StasiaB. I had to have it. It was purrfectly hip and quirky for Blogpaws the pet conference in Nashville at the end of the month where I’m presenting.

StasiaB space cat dress
Stasia B. wearing Space Cat dress

Stasia Burrington is a talented Seattle based artist and cat lover with a wide array of illustrations at her etsy shop but it was her whimsical collection of t-shirts and other kitty fashions that struck my fancy. Delicate ink drawings of cats, cats and more cats but with a subtle whisper grace her lovely quality t-shirts.

StasiaB cat fashion t-shirt


Fun but less subtle are the hot pink “Pussy Panties”. Adorable but not for this middle -aged kitten. I was fixated on “Space Cat” which also comes in a black tank top (easily my favorite for summer 2015).

Stasia send me a bunch of items including the Space Cat dress to much joy but alas even the large size squeezed my hips like a sausage. If you’re poochy or hippy, this narrow style won’t work for you. I may hike it up and wear with leggings as a T because it’s out of this world super cute. Everything else was sized perfectly.

Stasia was so sweet sweet, she offered to exchange for an extra large but then the top half would be too big (and I’ve never worn anything extra large in my life. Why start now?)

She has cool stuff for cat men too like the manly kitty undies, purrfect for Father’s Day.

StasiaB cat fashion etsy

The Etsy community is pretty awesome but the cat lovers are amazing which is why I love to feature some every so often. If you haven’t shopped for cat-themed products on Etsy, you’ll go nuts with the sheer variety and creative abundance. What I love about etsy is the attention to personal detail. Most of the shops are run by people working at home and they’re happy to answer any questions and even do custom work like Stasia. This is Stasia’s studio and her cats Momo and Kiki (clearly her creative assistants and muses).

Visit her shop at StasiaB and enjoy the etsy experience.

Momo cat etsy Stasia B.

Kiki black cat etsy

FTC disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received no fee. I did receive a few samples which did not influence my views.


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