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Crazy But True Facts About Cats and Cat Lovers

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Crazy But True Facts About Cats and Cat Lovers by Layla Morgan Wilde

Most cat lovers aren’t surprised when they hear about crazy cat stories. Once the Internet reached across the globe, it wasn’t long before cats took over with their cuteness and weirdness. Before the Internet, a devoted cat lover might have a photo of their cat in their wallet but now everyone has hundreds or thousands of photos on the phone.

Cats are not to blame. It takes a human to take the photo or show countless ways of devotion.

According to a recent consumer of 3,000 pet owners:

  • People are quitting their jobs to spend more time with their pets — over two-thirds of pet owners have searched for a more flexible job to devote more time to their fur pals.
  • 71% have made a significant life change because of their pet.
  • And six in 10 have previously left a job because they were forced to return to an office that wasn’t pet-friendly.
  • 60 % of Pet Owners Seeking Pet Friendly Workplaces, or Willing to Leave
  • 48% of pet owners saying pets improve productivity

Crazy but true.

We all know cats rule the Internet with memes, outlandish photos and videos by the millions. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether to believe these crazy but true cat facts. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there will be a new twist and “Oh my God, have you ever seen anything like that?” moment.

I know with my own cats, no matter how much I think I know them or understand them, they sometimes throw a head-scratching curve ball. Maybe it’s to keep us on our toes. Maybe they just like to march to tune of a very different drummer. Or maybe they don’t give a rat’s ass what we think.

In this era of Fake News, please know it extends to cats. Odin turning 29? Seriously, he doesn’t look a day over 9!

Now this is one news bulletin I wish were true.

Since Odin got his GPS collar two years ago, we have a much better sense of his secret life away from home, or do we? Cats are notorious for leading secret lives especially those who wander unescorted down a garden path. For all we know they are secret agents for the C.I.A. I suspect Odin, given his political views, might have been persuaded by the Mossad to join the counter-terrorism ranks.

Nou Nou on the other hand is more of a C.I.A. girl with her wily ways.

If cats have secret lives, it would make sense that they would continue beyond the grave.Take this dispatch from the Rainbow Bridge NEWS. We all know about the Rainbow Bridge but did you know they have a news outlet? Leave to our former editor, Clyde to become the managing editor. But, you can’t always believe what you read. Edgar Allen Poe? I don’t think so. Well, you never know.

Sometimes you have to blink twice, not trusting if what you’re seeing is true. The National Museum is stunning but what the hell? Is that Odin and Nou Nou in a painting? Looking pretty convincing but then again, isn’t every cat a masterpiece?

Is seeing believing? Then what about magic?

There is magic in make believe but there is also real quantifiable magic. Actually it’s true whether you believe it or not. Nou Nou is one of the most mysterious and magical cats I’ve known. She was back at the vet this week and will need some healing spells of her own.


Long before the Internet and digital anything there were clunky analog cameras. Even then there were willing cat models like this one. I edited the image to clean it up but it’s a real photography studio image and NOT Photo-shopped.

In case you’re still wondering, it’s APRIL FOOL! Happy April Fools Day or All Fools Day which falls on the first of April, the month named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite (Venus), also known as ‘Aprilis’. Read more about the mysterious history and silliness in our April Fool post and I found some more vintage April Fool cards or as they say in French Poisson Aprile or April Fish. They came with witty puns that don’t make make sense translated, so I edited a few to share with my best wishes, or fishes.

I love the lucky black cat ones with goldfish.

Ad agencies often like to tweak their creative funny bone with mock ads like this video for a wireless mouse. If you didn’t know would it fool you?

Happy April Fool! I hope it brought a smile or chuckle in these less than cheery times.

xo, Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and apparently very busy OTRB angels


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