The Art of Eating Well is #InspiredbyCrafted

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Hills Ideal Balance Crafted cat food #inspiredbycrafted
Our Odin is inspired by sunny days in the garden, playing with new toys and every meal time.

When you hear the words “well crafted”, what do you think of?

As a creative who loves cooking almost as much as I love cats, it means something made with skill, perhaps by hand and certainly with love.

It means caring about the whole process like the folks at Hill’s® Ideal Balance® do with their unique, culinary approach. It’s so simple. Feed your cat healthy, 100% balanced made in the U.S. nutrition made with meat or fish as the first ingredient. We think the secret ingredient is love.

far ridge-ceramics-cat-dish-quote-love came up with the idea of pet food made of the same kind of high-end ingredients we would eat. Healthy ingredients you might have in your kitchen for creating slow roasted chicken or beef, fresh tuna, trout or salmon and ancient grains like quinoa or buckwheat.

It’s National Pet Week and we think caring about our cats is also about pampering. I love breakfast in bed and must admit our 20-year-old Merlin often gets breakfast in bed too. He’s the first to agree with the idea that eating well is a fine “crafted” art.

cat quote breakfast

cat art quote eating well

Eating well for cats is food made in small batches, with healthy, balanced ingredients and NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives like Hills Ideal Balance. My cats get occiasonal taste treats of my meals like a dollop of cheese or meat but human meals can’t substitute for a nutritionally balanced pet food. I don’t have the time or a dietitian’s background to create a balanced cat food so I rely on the experts like Hills. Check out the latest selection on offer at Our boys really liked the Simmered Salmon Chowder with Quinoa. How are you pampering your cat today?
Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted Cat food #Inspiredbycrafted



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