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Meet Stanley Mini-panther Design Muse

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Meet Stanley Mini-panther Design Muse by Clyde, feline editor.


It’s no secret as a working cat, I like to feature other working cats like last week’s veterinarian clinic assistant Whisper or fellow book contributor and blogger Rosie. Even couch potato cats have a purpose, but today I’m keen to focus on creative muses. Our featured cat is Stanley, a design muse and product tester from Chicago. His dad Jeff designed the clever and practical multi-purpose Cat Case with Stanley’s help. Naturally, Stanley did a good job and they’ve surpassed their goal on their Pet-friendly Bookcase & Cat tree Kickstarter campaign

You humans know a good thing when you see it. But don’t dillydally. Thursday, Dec. 21 is your last chance to get an early pre-order or grab some other purrfect perk.

All cats need a mancat cave to perch, scratch and get away from it all. I must admit I’m impressed with Stanley and decided to feature him this week. In an interview I found out he’s a mini-panther rescue like me with golden eyes. He’s four years old. His favorite toy is a Yeowwww! Catnip Banana aka my favorite toy which I call the ‘nip nana. We both enjoy poultry and grain-free wet food. Hey, we could be soul brothers! Except his favorite treat is Purina Dental Life and mine is catnip.


He’s very athletic and often jumps from the floor to the top of the Cat Case. Stanley is a sun-worshiper who lays fully stretched out and he’s a love bug who takes turns sleeping in everyone’s bed in the house. The most curious and hence interesting thing about him is his accidental favorite toy. His cat dad takes the leftover furs from being brushed and rolls it into a ball. The first time it happened, Stanley grabbed it and started playing with it like a mouse. Now, whenever he’s brushed play with the furball for an hour and loves it.

Ha, the secret is out! Being groomed is a human-cat bonding experience. When a human rolls cat fur into a ball there is an intermingling of scent. Cats are all about communicating by scent and this again is a bonding time which gets reinforced each time.

My advice if you want to try this with your cats, make sure your human has clean hands but not chemical, soapy or sanitizer stinky but their natural scents. Mind you, if they’ve been making sushi, bring it on. They could always rub their hands together with a bit of catnip to release the scent before rolling the ball to. Get creative like Stanley and Jeff.

Stanley like all cats speak the truth and says, “I want other cats to back this project because this furniture is designed for me and my person. We share it and I think it brings us closer together to have space made for us both.”

Check out the Cat Case on Kickstarter to see a video of Stanley doing his thing.

Sigh, I wish I could be as athletic as him. My old mancat legs can’t jump that high anymore. Life is change and flexibility is everything. That’s why I love modular, movable products that can change as our life changes. Unless you live in a mansion, space is precious. It means many cats don’t get their special place to climb high safely because there isn’t enough room for cat furniture and human furniture. I’ll be frank: the crazy cat lady decor is so 2012. Now, we can get both get what we want. Double-purrpose is win win.


See Stanley in action on Facebook

As we near Christmas, we will post our annually curated, vintage and unusual holiday card series and another holiday post from me and my fursibs before next Monday. Until then, check out our big #blackcatsofIGPrizePawty giveaway on Instagram with four prize packs.

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