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A Purrfect Mother’s Day For Cat Moms

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

A Purrfect Pandemic Mother’s Day For Cat Moms

How can Mother’s Day be purrfect if you’re a cat mom in the middle of a pandemic? Our cat mom cards. Plus, cats don’t expect you to take them out for brunch. They’re happy to just hang out with you. They won’t make you breakfast but you don’t have to clean up after them. They won’t leave crumbs in bed. They won’t hog the remote. Chances are they will make you smile. Cats can’t shop for Mother’s Day cards so I made some new ones and sharing favorite recycled ones from past years.

I hope they make this Mother’s Day a little more purrfect.

A very old Facebook memory popped up this week. So old it didn’t have a photo but I wanted to share it because it still is true. Mothering and motherhood is about nurturing with love and compassion whether it’s your own flesh and blood, a step-child or adopted, and let’s add our fur kids. I’ve also made a card for those big-hearted ladies who foster kittens.

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cat mom day


cat mom-mother's day

Kiss your cat for me and have a happy Mother’s Day! I leave my favorite card to the end.


Layla, Odin and Nou Nou & Angels

The best gift I never expected was from Nou Nou who has suddenly decided to hang out in the living room. She’s steered clear since we moved last May. More about her shenanigans in another post but snapped this last night as irreverent as ever!


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