#AdorableAdoptable Aries Cat

Our Astro Kitty #AdorableAdoptable this month is an Aries Cat and he’s available today for a low adoption fee of $24.00!

We’re always connecting with cat lovers everywhere. A recent favorite way is to direct message on Instagram. That’s how I connected with Christine, a volunteer at The Peter Zippi Fund is no-kill, volunteer based cat shelter in Hermosa Beach, Ca. and saving lives since 1977. When I found out a dashing panther named Dasher was an Aries, with the same birthday as my hubby, I had to make him our #adorableadoptable Astro Cat of the Month. Christine said, ” We have his approximate birthdate as 3/28/2015.  We rescued him and several others from a high kill shelter on 12/7/2015, so close to Christmas, we chose to use reindeer names.

We call him “confident” and “spunky” because he doesn’t shy away from anyone… animal or human. He can be a handful for some of our more mellow cats in the shelter so he’s become the “office cat”, sharing space with a Calico girl who doesn’t seem to mind his energy level. We think he’s a lot of fun! He’s earned several nicknames including “Mr. Curiosity” because he regularly jumps into drawers, boxes, cabinets, closets… you name it, if the opportunity presents itself he will take it. We are based out of VCA Coast Animal Hospital in Hermosa Beach. He lives up to his name, Dasher, by escaping the office at least once a week into the break room and sometimes up into the storage loft which may have encouraged his latest stunt… getting up on the lights and rafters in our office. ”


I couldn’t resist whipping up some adoption PSA graphics. If you know a shelter who needs some let me know and I might make design one for free! Since we’re doing a book to promote black cat adoption, we’re especially focused on black cats. This one is a generic one I can easily adapt to another shelter and is not Dasher.




Dasher displays his adventurous Aries purrsonality to a T in his online profile. To learn all about the Aries cat, check out our astro-cat profile ARIES CAT

Aries_cat Black_cat

The PZF folks found me at the City shelter, where I had been turned in as a stray cat. I did everything I could to get them to notice me from my cage, and it worked! My glossy black fur and demands for attention won their hearts in a second.

“Dasher” is a good name for me, because I love to dash. I stood right up to the PZF “test dog”, and will have no problem with a dog in my new family. Because I am a rowdy “teenage” boy, and will try to push other boy cats around, introductions to existing cats in a home will need to be made slowly. I will need a very active home with lots of play, and also lots of love from the people. My PZF volunteer pals think I will settle down nicely in a home – my year of reckless youth is fun, but cuddling is better!

More about Dasher
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with kids
  • House trained
  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Excellent office assistant skills


Tuxedo Thursdays

Thu, Mar 24th – $24 Tuxedo/Black Cat Adoptions 5pm -6:30pmVCA Coast Animal Hospital
Thu, Mar 31st – $31 Tuxedo/Black Cat Adoptions 5pm -6:30pmVCA Coast Animal Hospital

If you’re in the SoCal area and interested in adopting Dasher or any of his shelter mates, click on the link above, Visit the Peter Zippi Fund on Facebook or Share this post. Let’s get Dasher his best birthday gift, a real good home. 

14 thoughts on “#AdorableAdoptable Aries Cat”

  1. Black cats are mini panthers in disguise. Sleek, elegant, and when you hold one, it makes you look slimmer 😉
    He is surely an Aries. I have seen though the 20th as both Aries and Taurus it being on a cusp.
    I miss our black inside kitty Piper, he was a love. I would think someone special will walk in , see Dasher and dash him into his forever home soon.

  2. What an amazing kitty!
    Sorry we have been MIA, the Mom has been going through a lot, and well there’s just a lot and it’s overwhelming and she has slacked on her duties to us big time. We don’t even know for the short term if she’ll do any better.

  3. Purrs and prayers that Dasher and all kitties find their furever homes. He is such a beautiful cat and apparently represents the curiuos, adventureous, playful nature of the creature named CAT to a T.
    Purrs and prayers of love and hope and wishes fro homes.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  4. What a lovely kitty! I’m purrin’ and purrin’ AND PURRIN’ that Dasher finds his forever home really, really soon.


    PS. Nissy was an Aries kitty, too. purrs

  5. Dasher you are beautiful and you have such a cool name… imagine we would be a team… Dasher&Easy… that sounds like a movie :o) I cross my paws that you find the bestest home ever…

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