World vet day-veterinarian's oath
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World Vet Day and Superpowers Caturday

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The last Saturday in April is World Vet Day, the day when the life-saving contribution to animals and their community by veterinarian are honored. We’re hugely grateful for our vets. Thank-you Rich Goldstein, Stacey Joy Hershman and Letrisa Miller.

One vet in the news has the veterinary profession up in arms. Veterinarian Kristin Lindsey, accused of killing a cat with a cross box last week It might be time her for to re-visit the oath she took when she became a vet.

World vet day-veterinarian's oath

Our week in review.

Mondays With Merlin revealed news of his latest vet visit.

mobile vet squad-Rich Goldstein DVM










Our Shelter Cat Spotlight featured the largest cat I’ve ever seen.

Toony cat








Our favorite funny but true cat video this week is about Feline Superpowers. Come on, we all know they have them.

What are your cats’ superpowers?


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