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Mancat Monday Quotes on Cha Cha Change

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Merlin cat-mancat mondays quote change

Here here, the gang’s all here for Mancat Monday and we’re waxing poetic about cha cha.. change. Cats aren’t crazy about change but we do know how to adapt. That’s why we’ve not only survived but thrived for thousands of years. Merlin leads the way, looking adorable on a walk. Not bad for a blind old boy. On the same day, Odin and Domino played “ambush”. Odin may appear oblivious to Domino skulking but it’s all part of the game, one as long as feline evolution.

It’s Veteran’s Day and we’re honoring our military today: all those men, women and service dogs who bravely serve in the name of freedom and liberty. In Canada where I grew up, on November 11, we always rose from our desks at school at 11am to pause and honor the fallen veterans who fought for our country. I still pause at 11 to say a silent prayer and give thanks for living in a country where we are free. I hope it’s something that never changes.

mancat Monday-quote change

And last but never least, the biggest change this week is from Gris Gris who willingly sat in Layla’s lap for grooming, a milestone breakthrough for a cat who hates being picked up and never sits on laps. And because we love how purrfect imperfection can be, the first person who spots the error in one of the quotes get big Mancat purrs from the boys.

We’re off tomorrow but if you missed this month’s Astro-Kitty, it’s at Catster. Hope you stop by and “like” it. If you have any questions about Scorpio cats, leave a comment and I’ll respond there.

Gris Gris is in the autumn of his years but more handsome than ever.

Gris Gris autumn of our lives

mancat monday-change quote


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