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What’s Cooking With Vintage Funny Cats

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

What’s Cooking With Vintage Funny Cats? The usual silliness. This week’s cat caption contest winner understood the quandary of a cat mom and a funny bunny. Congratulations to Kathryn Esplin for her caption about bunneh kitteh love.


If you’d like to come up with a funny caption, it’s easy: just think like a cat. This week’s Cat Cartoon Contest is from the “What’s cooking” theme. With curious cats, your guess is as good as mine. Leave your caption in the comments and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner next week. If you win and would like us to share your blog or website URL or Facebook or social media page please include (up to two links) in the caption.

funny cats

We colorized this antique kitty pic by Harry Whittier Frees. It dates back from circa 1900 and this kitty had no idea she’d be amusing cat lovers over a hundred years later. I wonder what we’ll be smiling over a hundred years from now. Any guesses? What’s not funny is the original LOL cats photographer committed suicide after battling cancer and poverty after a successful career. It’s sad his obituary lists his address and death by gas but no mention of his illustrious career. He was 100 years ahead of his time.

He’s been vilified in recent years of using taxidermied animals and perhaps some are but most aren’t. If you examine many of his images it looks like he used a backdrop with hole to push through a live cat’s head and sometimes used taxidermied arms and legs. Regardless of his methods, they were inventive and there were never any complaints of animal abuse. He would borrow and return his models from neighbor’s and pet shops. Apparently he never kept any pets of his own. A nervous type, he obsessed over the details of each photo shoot, limiting them to three months of the year. He never married and took care of his aging parents. After they died, he lived quietly in obscurity.

Curiousity got the better of me and I googled the address. Harry’s last home in 1953, was a tiny 1 bed, 1 bath cottage in Clearwater, Florida. I have no idea who if anyone lives there but I could help wonder if it was haunted. It would make a great little museum.

Okay, that should spark some creative juices for a caption for “what’s cooking”.


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