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Mancat Monday: Love Is All There Is Week

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Merlin cat Layla Love valentine

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for all your purrs, prayers and kind words for Merlin. Our good friends on Facebook spread the word yesterday. If you haven’t heard, our dear old boy Merlin was rushed to the vet on Saturday with a bloody UTI. Our vet wasn’t around, our usual alternative vet clinic was closed so we ended up going to a recommended holistic vet. It felt like a deja vu. Just over a month ago we rushed Gris Gris to the vet only for him to die the next day. All the horrible feelings came back. The panic. The rushing about finding a carrier, The white knuckle driving. I even wore the same sweater. Before we left l found Odin, wide-eyed with fear lying on a favorite old spot of Gris Gris’s. A place he never goes to. I told him we’d be back and not to worry. In the car we discussed what we were prepared to do or not do. Anything needed to keep Merlin alive and well. Prayers went out to every god and higher power. Not now, please not now, I’m not ready for another death so soon.

At the clinic we were whisked in quickly and felt immediately in good hands. Merlin is always a good patient and accepted a shot of antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids easily. Getting urine and blood samples proved more difficult and we’ll know the results in a few days. The vet’s brusque but “can do” manner inspired optimism. There would be no dying, at least not on that day. We bundled our frail, old man back into the carrier and home. I spend all day in bed with him yesterday rearranging pee pads grateful for incremental progress. We gave him another sub q and by evening Merlin felt ready for the furry ministrations of his buddy Domino. There nothing else to do now but wait and love him. It is after all Valentine’s Day Week.

The image above was from a series I’d taken last summer knowing full well how unlikely a repeat performance would be.

Domino does not have a special someone for Valentine’s Day. Do you know anyone suitable?

Domino Mancat monday

Domino cat Valentine

Odin is exploring his Valentine options. He has several offers from older felines on Facebook and some lovely ladies here.

Odin-cat -Valentine

One boy won’t be needing a date. Yesterday I dug a hole in Gris Gris’s snow covered burial mound. It’s about the same size as the one in my heart. He is sorely missed.

Huge thanks to all those who have participated in my pet loss survey. The research material so far is extraordinarily insightful and generous. Research for my pet loss book will be ongoing for the next few months. If you have lost any species of pet in the past year and would like to participate, I’d love to hear from you. Email Layla at [email protected]

Gris Gris cat grave marker


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