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Caturday Art Blog Hop, Pisces Cats and Wild Cats

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pisces cat

I love making feline art and every saturday, there’s blog hop for fellow artistic types at a blog called Athena Cat Goddess Caturday Art Blog Hop

deer snow-cat

The temperature thawed and like all good cat moms, I have eyes in the back of my head. I had a feeling to look out the bathroom window overlooking the wild part of our garden. Odin never ventures far but I like to keep tabs on him. Sure enough there was a mama deer and her doe dressed in their heavy winter furs. Mama was stamping the snow by the pond. Something alarmed her. I looked more closely and there’s Odin sitting on a dead log still as a stone. By the time I got outside, mama and baby fled.

A very excited Odin demonstrated his daring moves on a withered pine tree his chest plumped with pride. “See mom, I kept you safe from the big monster.”

He’s the most skilled tree climber I’ve ever seen but scaling the dead pine tree took nimble maneuvering. I was worried about the sharp needles but cats have climbed every kind of terrain for thousands of years. He zipped back and forth to show off, but more gingerly. He’s not a complete fool.

Odin cat -pine tree branch

“See, mom, I am the best, taking care of introooders.”

“Thank-you. Now how about you show me how handsome you are and jump on top the birch tree stump?”

“Okay, then. I am a handsome boy, right?”

“Right. Get inside. That’s enough adventure for one day.”

What kind of adventure are you up to this weekend?

odin cat-birch stump


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