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The Katnip Lounge Cat Ladies Tour

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katnip lounge welcome

The cherry on top the catnip cake after the Blogpaws conference was our visit to the Katnip Lounge. It so happens Trish, one of our favorite bloggers lives minutes from the conference venue, the Westin Lake Las Vegas. On Sunday after the conference ended, Trish picked up Paula, another favorite blogger from Twinkletoe Tails and I to meet the 13 feline members of the Katnip Lounge. As soon I saw her Hello Kitty Jeep with the Katnip vanity plate I knew we were in for some serious kitty fun. I visit both these cat ladies regularly online and it was awesome to meet in person. It was so gracious of Trish to give us cat ladies tours every day of the conference. I only wish I hadn’t felt a post-conference exhaustion or I would have enjoyed it even more.

Mai Ling collage

The area is dotted with homes in earthy tones matching the desert landscape but Trish and her hubby Scott’s home stood out as an oasis of blooming color. The charming front garden featured a blanket of flowers and romantic archway leading to the front entrance. Baby is definitely daddy’s girl. Rupert the gray boy reminded me of Gris Gris.

Katnip lounge collage

There were cats everywhere in the newly renovated home: artwork, sculpture, collectibles and of course the #1 reason for our visit, the Katnip Lounge kitties. Scoutie, the orange tabby is shy and raced out in an orange blur. Some of the cats were more curious and friendly but all showed their distinct personalities. I always respect a cat’s space, taking my time to feel their energy before approaching especially if I have a camera. Not all the gang wanted to be photographed and that’s a cat’s prerogative.

The catio is a large space with a cat door and regular door into the house for flexible indoor “outdoor living”. It’s airy and bright with large enough spaces for little critters to slip through for hunting but keep large predators out and the cats safely in. The abundance of places to perch, play, nap or hide on multiple levels makes this the cat’s meow of catios.

katnip lounge catio cats

Baby, the white cat who is recuperating from some health issues, enjoyed showing us around inside the famous catio and outdoors in the garden. She’s an intrepid hunter and showed off her prey sniffing skills in color and black and white.

Baby in garden- cat Collage

B & W white cat

Baby cat art Collage

Cats inspire me creatively and the Katnip Lounge crew inspired me big time! I could easily have whipped out another dozen collages and will post more another day. And of course Baby inspired some cat art as did the ever so regally handsome Maui and photogenic May Ling.

Maui the cat with lion cut

May Ling cat

May Ling, the sultry queen whom our boys crush on (and a favorite of mine) showed off her athletic and other skills.

May Ling Collage

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Trish hands me a package of her special catnip and silvervine. This is the good stuff. We’ve never tried silvervine and it didn’t take Odin long to locate the sealed “feel good” baggie. I was unpacking my suitcase and didn’t notice he’d located, ripped open the bag and had a mega dose. Let’s just say what happens in Vegas, can be enjoyed in New York.

Please note: there will be an auction from May 20 to June 20 to raise funds for Baby’s huge vet bills. If you have items to donate please contact [email protected] and to learn the latest about the cats visit the Katnip Lounge Tell us which image you’d like us to donate.


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