Monday With Merlin cats #meowmonday
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#MeowMonday: Nominate Cat Wisdom 101 For A Nose-to-Nose Award

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hey cat lovers, it’s Merlin here with my best pal Domino. It’s another week and every #MeowMonday is a chance to think about how we can improve our week, do better and make a difference. Hopefully for cats! We’re hunkering down for a major blizzard and will be working from under the duvet.

Monday With Merlin cats #meowmonday

Nominations close this week on Jan. 31, 2015 for the Blogpaws Nose-to-Nose awards and we’re tossing our hat into the ring. Last year I was honored to serve as a judge. This year there will be no reader VOTING making it easier for you. The only thing we ask is for you to nominate us in one or more categories. Once is enough. There are 12 categories so you nominate your favorite cat, dog or other pet blogs if you like.

You’ll need the following details to nominate us. We’re including links post and photo urls to cut and paste.

Blog home page:

Blogger’s name: Layla Morgan Wilde

Blogger’s email: [email protected]

Thanks so much!


Our #1 category choice for a nomination is Best Cat Blog.

We’re the only cat blog that offers a little bit of everything about cats from cat advocacy and causes, vet and behavior advice, review/giveaways, cat astrology, original art and award-winning photography and of course, cat wisdom! And don’t forget, Mondays With Merlin. Since 2011, we’ve dished out over 1000 posts of original content from the heart and soul. We keep doing it because we’re crazy about cats and cat lovers like YOU!

Other category choices we’d be proud to win. Best Designed Blog or Best Written Pet Blog POST. May we suggest Holistic Summer Guide to Happy and Healthy Cats. or For a Happy Holiday Season: Think Like Cat.

Or Best Pet Photo on a Blog. i.e. links: Splendor in the grass with Odin Collage or Odin was here.

Odin-cat up tree-domino

Odin’s Attitude

CWA Odin tree licking tail #cats quote attitude

or All That is Not Gold Does Not Glitter

Merlin-cat quote-all that glitters

Here’s the link again and have an awesome week!

Nominate Us Here



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