Good Housekeeping For Safe and Happy Cats & National Straw Hat Day

safe cat housekeeping

The first thing I noticed when I got home from travelling was the smell. We habituate to odors and it’s only when we leave our environment for a few days and return, do we smell with a fresh nose. Our house is almost 200-years-old and it smelled of old wood with a slightly smokey residue of fireplace soot and incense. I knew it was time plugin the Critterzone and do a good clean. For us, a good clean means a feline safe clean. A powerful vacuum able to suck up pet hair is a must. Unlike the cute cartoon, never use a vacuum on your cat. It’s finally warm enough to open the windows and boy did they get dirty this winter. Plain old vinegar and water 50/50 wiped on with newspaper is the safe and eco-friendly classic. Our window ledges, porch and painted railing took a beating this year. No amount of cleaning will help so I will do quick touch-up with a latex paint on a roller. It dries fast (within 30 minutes) but still keep curious cats away until completely dry. If you are eco-conscious there are many natural products on the market that are safer for the environment but keep in mind natural can still be irritating for delicate paws. There are seven pads on each cat’s front paws and five pads and each hind paw. That’s a total of 24 pads to keep safe. I prefer not using any cleaner on floors except for spot cleaning and use a steam cleaner on all non-wood floors. 

Good Housekeeping makes a safe and happy home for all family members. While we’re cleaning our cats are playing or snoozing. It would be nice if they lifted a paw to help but nah, they can enjoy lazy pleasures like National Straw Hat Day which is today! Domino is channeling his inner John Wayne today. How about your cat?


Our vet Dr.Rich Goldstein has these additional tips.

Many household items, ranging from floor cleaners and disinfectants to plants and foods, can be toxic to our pets. It’s important to be aware of them, and what to do if there’s exposure. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always read the labels on cleaning products to see what it says about exposure to pets. Most will recommend keeping pets away (i.e. in the other room) until the product has completely dried.  Any cleaning product, even pet-safe products, can potentially cause skin irritation (if walked upon), or stomach upset (if ingested), or respiratory symptoms (if inhaled). Best to keep Fluffy out of the room, and ventilate the room until the products are fully dry and aired out.
  • If your kitty does come in contact with a cleaning solution, immediately wash the paws in warm water with a mild dish soap (like Dawn or Joy or Palmolive), rinse off the soapy water completely, and dry the feet thoroughly.
  • Store household products in cat-proofed cabinets when not in use.
  • Put together a Poison Safety Kit to keep in your house (right next to the First Aid Kit that you have!). Among the items it should include are:
  • Fresh bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide, with a bulb syringe (to induce vomiting – but only on the advice of poison control or your veterinarian)
  • Grease-cutting dishwashing liquid (like Dawn, or Joy, or Palmolive) (to wash feet and fur)
  • A can of soft cat food
  •   A soft towel
  •  A bottle of saline eye flush and artificial tears (to protect the eye after flushing)
  •  Rubber gloves
  •  Tweezers
  • The number for your veterinarian, local emergency clinic, and Poison Control
  • The ASPCA has one of the finest Animal Poison Control Centers in the country, available 24-7. Visit their website at more advice at ASPCA
  • or call 888-426-4435. There is a $65 consultation fee for this service. You can also download a list of toxic household items for free list of poisons/hazards

At our Cat Wisdom101 home we love the powerful Critterzone and find it so effective we don’t keep it plugged in all the time but that’s your choice. Save $10.00 with our code CatWisdom101 at checkout at

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24 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping For Safe and Happy Cats & National Straw Hat Day”

  1. Excellent advice which all pet owners should be aware of! Just read your last post for the second time and realised I hadn’t commented! Would so love to go to Blogpaws and meet everyone!

  2. TW is SOOOOO careful about what she uses around the house cos she swears the wetjet Swifter is what did Nicky in. She’d wash the kitchen floor and Nicky would be walking on it and putting his food on it even after it dried. She still doesn’t think Critterzone is safe since again she thinks it’s the constant ozone from her previous air purifier that gave both of us asthma. Yes to water and vinegar to clean glass but Method is good too. Mostly she uses plain water and “elbow grease.” I LOVE that you’re a celebrity blogger and you still honor Blogosphere holidays. Happy Straw Hat Day.

    1. I use both kinds in diff. rooms sometimes just for a few minutes or longer. My husband even sometimes smokes a cigar in his home office with the Critterzone and we have a smoke-free home.

  3. Sorry, we got off track seeing Domino in his hat! Our mom doesn’t like to use many cleaning products. In fact she doesn’t like cleaning either. MOL

  4. Always read labels,I’m at the store for hours!!
    Great advice and am happy to say back on your mailing list

  5. dood…ewe R rockin that hat….N we hope yur mom does knot give ewe guys…toolz….for houz kleenin two day !!!! hope her feelz better verre veree soon ♥♥

  6. I will visit critterzone, I feel the same when I come home after some days outside of Easy’s crib. I’m not a fan of all the air fresheners they have in our stores. I made chlorophyll once to neutralize the air, but the result was not really what I expected (probably my chemistry teacher would give me a fat F for my experiment). Have a Happy Straw Hat Day!

  7. Thank you for house cleaning tips. I try to be careful about choosing safe cleaning products but not yet tried vinegar/water. Thank you for the $10 off offer for Critter Zone!
    Domino looks very handsome in the straw hat 🙂 Happy Straw Hat Day!

  8. Great info on maintaining a safe and clean (and happy) environment for humans AND our cats……there’s danger in every cupboard and it’s our job to make sure we do what we can to keep everybody safe! Thanks for all the tips Layla.

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  9. Great post to stay safe at home ! Mum is very cautious about cleaning products : she often uses “old school” natural products like vinegar, and “new school” cleaning devices like microfiber (with water) that are powerful and safe. Purrs

  10. My human has a housekeeping service (she got them a few years ago when she was injured and then found budget-wise she was able to keep them), and she uses them specifically because they use pet-friendly cleaning products. Unfortunately, they still use the noisy vacuum.

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