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Merlin-cat in bed quote sulking

Happy Caturday! We have good news or mews for our dear Cat Wisdom 101 subscribers. Some of you have been impacted by our recent email notification glitches. We’re happy to announce we have a new, newsletter style email letting you know when we have new posts. They will be sent automatically at 2 AM EST. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can subscribe via email to this blog or our unique cat photo quote sent on Fridays. Both sign up boxes are in the footer with all kinds of options and we never use your email for any other purpose.

  • What a week! I was at in Vegas for Blogpaws, the pet blogger conference where I was speaking and thrilled to be one of the award judges.
  • You can see my Blogpaws photo album at G+ in beautiful Lake Las Vegas.
  • And post Blogpaws post
  • If you missed seeing the awesome cats and their catio, check out Katnip Lounge Cat Ladies Tour
  • You have only 1 more day to enter our $250.00 shopping spree GIVEAWAY from Entirely Pets. To enter, visit the blog post for details.If you’ve already entered, you can enter again but hurry!
  • Today is the last last to enter our exclusive Grumpy Cat Birthday Swag GIVEAWAY. To enter, leave a comment at our post.
  • Our boys are happy things are getting back to normal (well, whatever that is) and the garden is a wild jungle of green heralding our favorite time of the year.

Domino cat sitting in garden

Domino is enjoying watching the grass grow. This was taken before I left before the new growth. All the cats are doing well but Domino is slowing down and looking his ten years. After being away I was shocked to notice how skeletal Merlin appears but he’s pretty nimble for a blind old boy (almost 100 in human years). He’s needing extra help to get up on the footstool to the bed and lost his balance a couple times. It’s so important with geriatric cats to monitor any changes which can happen over night. I make sure any surface he jumps on has pillows or a soft rug in case he misses his mark.

We’re joining the Saturday art blog hop at Athena Cat Goddess. Come see the other creative cat bloggers are doing. We’re also joining Sepia Saturday the sepia art blog hop from Ruckus the Eskie, (shhhh,a cute d o g).

Merlin-cat in bed-sepia art


Odin is always up for trouble. He climbed on top of the mudroom roof (it’s low and safe) and saw me inside the bathroom window. I opened the window and let him in. He thought that was a fun new game and promptly ran out and climbed back up demanding to be let in. Cats and humans are very trainable. As tempted as I was to let him in I knew it would reinforce the behavior and firmly told him to go down and off he went. He’s way too smart for his own good. It inspired this art work symbolizing how stubborn humans are when banging their heads against a brick wall and expecting it to open. It was a week of intense learning for me on every level. What did your cats teach you this week?

Odin cat climbing roof-brick wall art



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