Jackson Galaxy, Odin and Me

Jackson Galaxy, Odin and Me by Layla Morgan Wilde

Making television is a lot of work. For every minute of air time there can be hours filmed that never see the light of day. For the clip that aired this week on The Daily Show with Jackson Galaxy, Odin and me, the crew spent over all afternoon at our house. There were various set ups and The Daily Show producer, Ian Berger, very kindly sent me a DVD of the shoot’s B-roll. This is the additional footage in film or television and is intercut with the main footage.

Hubby and I were in stitches watching it last night. Odin, of course, being a star felt comfortable in front of the cameras and basked in the limelight. I’ll be posting clips sometime soon. Meanwhile, here are a few behind the scenes stills from the shoot. Jackson Galaxy, Layla Morgan Wilde and the cat star, Odin



Layla Morgan Wilde-Daily Show-Jon Stewart-aasif-mandvi-jackson-galaxy

We look dead serious but this was a funny scene with Aasif Mandvi about to be splashed with fake bird poop (an inventive mix of ice cream, yogurt and chocolate sprinkles.) Don’t ask. I hope Aasif has a good dry cleaner. You can see the remaining stain on his shoulder.


My favorite scene with the best out takes and off-color humor involved Odin showing us his private parts.

Between set ups there was lots of time to chat and compare cat notes on the porch.


Odin played his part well (for the most part). And when he didn’t cooperate, he still amused us. There was a scene with him furiously digging a hole when they’d rather he climbed a tree. No matter; Odin still is one wise cat.


23 thoughts on “Jackson Galaxy, Odin and Me”

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  2. Layla, I’d be careful, Odin may have been using you from the beginning and this could turn into a “Mildred Pierce” sort of a scenario once he becomes famous, or more famous. Except that Odin is much less materialistic than Veda. And much better looking.

  3. I finally saw it last night too. It was really cute. My guess is that Daily Show films skits they never even air. But this was good, they had to use it.

    I wish they showed more of you though. Looking forward to the Broll clips!

    Burning question: The cat with the yellow bird–was he one of your cats? Didn’t look like Odin.

  4. Sure glad that Odin got to be a star. He sure deserves it as funny as he is. How is Dom doing?? Hope he is all right. Have a super week end.

    1. They were a great crew. Jackson was exhausted but a great sport. I learned a lot and Odin is a legend in his own mind πŸ˜‰

  5. What fun and what a fabulous opportunity! I watched it the night it aired and frankly was mostly smitten with the colors/decor of your home! πŸ™‚

    It IS amazing how many hours are shot and what is actually used. I was an “extra” on “Hung” last year and the new movie coming out this fall “Salvation Blvd” Hours and hours of shooting for a 2 second scene!

    The photo of you and Jackson is a winner! You are sooo pretty! Ohhhh to be YOUNG again! (I’m an old lady) lol

    1. Jackson, you, me…we’re are all middle-aged LOL. The red you see is my entrance hall of the antique farm house. How exciting for you to be an extra in a movie!

  6. Someone once told me that if you lay the film from the cutting room floor end to end, the film wind around the earth 10 times.

    TV is so unfair. But I really enjoyed your presentation here!

    And I was all set to watch the TV and had my alarm next to my computer SET – but I had forgotten to move the switch to ON. DOH..

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