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Do Cats Have Guardian Angels?

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Merlin cat angels
Merlin enjoying the setting sun and transfixed by an angel?


Happy Monday dear ones. It’s Merlin here with a burning question: Do cats have guardian angels? Remember that photo of me (last week) staring intently at the something in the garden? You may want to adjust your screen and zoom in at today’s pics. Fall is thankfully late. Look how green everything still is but there is a surprise.







Merlin light quote cat Merlin cat angels-heart

According to a Gallup poll believe in angels is growing. Belief is not limited to any one religion but found in all the major religions from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism to non-religious cultural beliefs and pantheism.

So there I am looking at something even though I’m blind. The sun’s rays create a pretty lens flare but Layla is curious why I’m acting so excited.

Merlin cat angels-blue light


“I believe in angels, says Pope Francis – anMerlin cat angels-looking d they help you make right decisions.

Each of us has a guardian who protects and helps us understand things. No one journeys alone and no one should think that they are alone,”
I can feel something but where is it? A heart-shaped light is in front of me but the sun rays are behind.Merlin cat angels-heart
Merlin cat angels-look
Then it gets interesting. I move and the heart turns into an object with wings. An angel?
Merlin cat angels wing
Here they are blown up. I don’t have any scientific proof but I felt something comforting and angelic.
Merlin cat angels light Merlin cat angels light-enlarged
Do you believe in angels and if so, do you believe cats have guardian angels?
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  • ig

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  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Family

    We do believe in guardian angels nephew, specifically that they are someone who we once loved on Earth. I have always considered my fur kids family, therefore they of course have guardian angels too.
    How fascinating your experience was and that Layla captured it on film made it all the more surreal. Do you have any idea who it might have been? Gris Gris? Coco?
    I sometimes feel a presence or swear I’ve caught a glimpse of one of my babies at the Bridge around the house, or in one of their old favorite spots. It does not scare me but more so is a comfort, reassurance that makes me feel they are letting me know they are okay, here to watch over or be there for me if I need them. Other times I feel it is one of my grandmothers, both of whom were a pillar of strength in life, and as angels are no different. We are lucky to have these angels to not just serve as idols or symbols of protection, but also as spirits who offer us warmth, a feeling of well being during those times when we need them most. They seem to know when we do, letting us know we are not alone, and are there to walk alongside us here and until it is time for our journey to the Bridge where we will meet again.

    • Debra Taglia

      Thank you for sharing your soul so beautifully. I share your experiences also.
      I noticed your letter was from some time ago, I hope and pray you are doing well and
      enjoying your lives path.


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