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International Cat Day Goes Wild on 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

International Cat Day Goes Wild on 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal by Layla Morgan Wilde

Our favorite summer holiday is a double whammy of wild goodness. Sit back and enjoy something a little different this year. Scroll down to see the surprising news about my cats! Most cat lovers know August 8 is International Cat Day or as it used to be known World Cat Day.

world cat day_international

It’s a day to celebrate the joys of owning or being owned by a cat and shelter adoption awareness. But did you know August 8 or 8-8 is an annual astrological event celebrating the most powerful new moon of the year? This year it happens to fall in the sun and moon signs of Leo packing a double dose of energy to manifest positive change. Make those new moon wishes and intentions. Perhaps some good thoughts for good homes for all shelter pets.


Where has the summer gone? I say this every year, BUT I swear the day after my birthday on July 30th, I can smell autumn. Something shifts by early August with slightly shorter days and like it or not, summer is waning. While I have not blogged much all summer, I have been active making silly cat (and other) reels on Instagram (see below) and spending way too much time hosting events on Clubhouse.

Up until recently it was an invite-only to the global audio app sensation. Honestly, people either love it obsessively or not. I love it. On Monday, Aug 9, I have an evolutionary astrologer as my guest at my Cat Wisdom club and we had a fun Cat Book Chat last week. Here’s the direct link to join the Monday event

8-8 lion's gate portal activation meditation

The amazing window of energy closes on the 12th so I’m excited to share a guided meditation journey on Monday at my other club, the Intuitive Collective. Link to event. It’s free!

As much as I love cats, I’m loving getting back to my roots teaching spiritual topics from tarot to shamanism. I hope to see you there one day if it resonates with you.

8-8 lions gate portal activation guided journey

Okay, back to cat stuff. Is your cat on this list? Personally I prefer more offbeat names but I’m okay with any name as long as it’s not demeaning like Stinky.

top cat names popular

What’s your favorite cat breed? Mine is RESCUED. I have no issue with ethical and responsible breeders but my first choice is to adopt from a shelter of rescue group. Did you know there are rescue groups for just about every breed?

popular cat breeds 2022

Just when I think I want to step away from the CAT WORLD something happens to reel me back in like this! I just won four Certificates of Excellence. Three honor my photography of Odin. I’d give him the certificate but he’d probably pee on it.

cwa certificate of excellence winner

The most shocking news is the drastic purrrrrsonality change in Nou Nou. After NINE years, the skittish former hoarder cat, has become a lap cat (only mine). Her appetite has improved and she’s less OCD which I attribute to spending time grounding in the garden. She suddenly decided a taste of outdoor life is healthy. She runs from bush to under a chaise and maybe a tree or boulder and stays put soaking up the Earth energy. Naturally we have to watch her like a hawk because hello, there are hawks. She is much calmer and dare I say, the little weirdo is a more normal?

See my wild child in action and her funny bunny run.


Meanwhile Odin wishes you a really, really good day! He’s enjoyed the kind of summer every cat dreams of. Freedom to go in and out as he pleases. Hunting birds, rabbits, chipmunks, butterflies and well anything that moves. Sometimes he gets lucky but most of time we save the critters. He acts like a sheep herding dog with Nou Nou if she strays more 30 feet from the house. We keep tabs on his adventures with a new Giobit GPS tracking collar which is less bulky than his old WhistleGo which he’s lost twice. We finally found a safe but comfy soft collar that works well.


I hope you’re having a really good day today and a really good the rest of the week.

Make the most of it and kiss your cat for me.

Peace, love and purrs forever,

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and the Angels


  • Skeeter And Izzy

    We are glad that Nou Nou has achieved a more “normal” state of being but again who can really define normal, especially in the Feline realm.
    We have lost another dear sweet boy and our hearts are still bleeding but life goes on and the subtle signs of Fall are arriving. You have to actually be aware of the world around you to notice them but they are there. Sadly there are so many that see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing and enjoy nothing in the real world anymore. SO sad……
    I am happy that you have chosen to disconnect from at least part of the blur of social media and being “on” all of the time. Life is too short to waste on a bunch of crap and to me that is a lot of what most social media consists of. My “Social Media” consists of sun, purry furries and other critters galore, rain, breezes, flowers, butterflies, the smell of fall ,sunrises and sunsets, stars, full moons, meteors and all of the wonder that the real world shares with me. So much grace and beauty to behold if one only opens the eyes in their soul and the ears in their hearts…………..
    Love to all,
    Skeeter and Izzy the Feral Gang an the Angels >^..^^..^<~

    • Layla

      We need more people like you in the world who notice, observe, care and care for animals and the planet. You have a courageous heart. I’m sending purrs of comfort for your loss xoxo

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Concats on the awards! Happy International Cat Day!!!! I couldn’t watch the vids cause they were on Insta but I know they were cute. >^..^^..^^..^<~

  • Caren

    what a great and FUN post full of all GOOD things! Huge congratulations on your WELL DESERVED awards!! Fabulous!!!!! 4pm is always a bad time of day for me, maybe I will show up another time!! Everything sounds so exciting and like so much fun!!!! BTW the number 8 is lucky in the Jewish heritage too!

  • Leah

    Many congrats and concats on your well-deserved C of E’s, Layla!
    And what wonderful news about Nou Nou!
    I feel the summer slipping away now too, and it seemed so much faster this year.
    Rescued is also my favorite breed. For us, that’s usually meant directly off the streets.
    Hmm, I guess we go for the unusual names too. We’ve never used the top 20 names or known anyone with cats of those names except for a neighbor cat named Luna. Those are all good names though! I especially like the names Luna, and Leo.

  • meowmeowmans

    We love that Nou Nou is enjoying life so much more, Layla. That really warms our hearts!

    Congratulations of your well-deserved COEs!

    And our favorite breed is most definitely “rescued.”


  • Jean

    I sure hope I’ll remember this tomorrow!! If so, I’ll join in from own sanctuary…
    My love of the sunshine and warmth it’s very well known around here!! I have hammocks, air mattresses and this year a little potted garden where I’ve actually managed to grow a few green beans and a ton of cherry tomatoes!!!
    This is where I feel the most relaxed and less pain, which is a very important part of my life now.
    How to remember about tomorrow AND Monday!!!


  • Marjorie at Dash Kitten

    Ooooh, you made me smile with Odin’s response. Yeah, I guess he would but, nonetheless, conCATulations to Odin and you for your success! I love taking photos and (even more) I love seeing them in other blogs too.

    Well done, you must be so thrilled!

  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    II miss my kitties so much on days like this…While none of our cats were from shelters, Simba and Minko, especially were atypical rescues. I should have had the authorities go to where Minko came from, but at the time I didn’t really know better, and I wasn’t able to take all the other kittens…I wish…just imagine a home with 5 kittens and one older kitten…LOL!
    ( I wasn’t blogging or doing anything ‘social’ with my cats until Pipo & Minko were 6 years old…so I didn’t have the info like I have now.)
    If I ever come across a similar situation, now I know exactly what to do and who to notify…
    Those little video clip were fun to watch:)

    I am glad I am NOT working tomorrow, on the 8th…sometimes at my work the days ahead of and just after a full moon are crazypants as I call it…or more like whack-a-doodle!! LOL! (I work in a nursing home…)

    Fall!…well, I enjoy the more temperate days of summer but not the hot ones nor the oppressive humidity that often goes along with them. I do enjoy the later summer and early fall, for those reasons…but winter can stay away for as long as it wants, LOL!

    Glad Odin and Nou Nou are doing well!
    Hope you are too:)

    Purrs from our angel kitties!
    Wags and wiggles from Benji & Dalton.
    Hugs from me, their Petcretary

    • Jean

      I can do TOTALLY agree with your assessments of working in a medical field on full moon nights/days!!
      I’ve worked in nursing homes as well on full moon🌕 nights(I’ve always worked nights in my nursing life).
      But, hands down!! Worst was working in our psych hospital for 2 years (length of our contract back then 😆)!! Talk about full 🌝 crazy?!?!
      2 days before, day of &2 days after we’re always the worst. If I had to work any of them, I told the sup, let me work all of them!! My theory? After the first time I worked the first night of the “lunar 5”,I had 2 nights off. Great, right?? Not great! Not great at all😳🤯🙀. I come back and just barely missed a first to the head as I was coming in the door!! That was when I knew I was never going to take a night off during those 5 lunar nights!!
      After about a year though, I noticed the patients weren’t as boisterous as they had always been. Even the day/evening shifts were noticing the changes. Faster than the nighters were lol.
      I mentioned it once to the day charge nurse as we were doing shift change and she said 99% of the hospital workers believed firmly it was because 1 person constantly worked all “lunar 5” nights!! I was like “No way!!” But they were like “Yes, totally way” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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