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Hard Working Purrfessional Cats On Labor Day

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hard Working Purrfessional Cats on Labor Day Cats may sound like an oxymoron, but our cats insist they work hard. So much so, I had to give the day off to Clyde who usually blogs on Monday. Maybe your cats work too? Lap warming, Internet assisting, bed testing takes effort. Some cats purrfessional careers like our friends at Furball Fables who have a new video out titled: Best Careers For Cats. The team of five share their favorite purrfessional cats careers. Let us know if your cats on Labor Day have a special job. If not, maybe they better watch the video.

Clyde is still sort of working since black cat adoption advocacy is a full time job.


Domino is a full-time guard cat and if human would be a gentleman farmer. He’s loafing off and recycling this old photo.cats-labor day

This is as hard as I’d like to work today. How about you?


Odin is the physically hardest working cat I know. He patrols, hunts, and supervises everything and anything under his nose. But when he quits, he really knows how to let go like last week.

We hope you get the have a chance to enjoy, let go and have fun this Labor Day (Labour Day to our Canadian friends).



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