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Oh hello, cat lovers, it’s your feline friend and host, Clyde with some furry good news. We’re celebrating all week because I’m turning 18 on January 18th in 2018. It’s a triple whammy of auspiciousness. I remain steadfast in my disdain for cameras but relented for a birthday portrait, ha!


Frankly, given my health issues of CKD, diabetes, hearing loss and arthritis, it’s a miracle I’m still alive at age 18! Not just alive but doing pretty darn well. Please join me in celebrating my birthday all week with a giveaway and more.


It’s not just me in my feline wisdom spouting about lucky 18 but also in the following traditions.

In Judaism, the number 18 – is Chai or the symbol of Life. It’s a Hebrew symbol not to be confused with chai, the spicy Indian tea. It’s considered lucky to wear the Chai symbol or give gifts of money or charitable contributions i.e. $18.00 or double chai  36. It’s common to give cash or checks at Jewish weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzahs for $180 or $360 or if you’re really lucky $1800 or $3600. A popular toast and Hebrew blessings “L’chaim!” literally meaning is “to life!”,  and often accompanies toasting at weddings and other celebrations.


In China the number 18 is considered a very auspicious and lucky number associated with success and good fortune.  The reason is that when 18 is pronounced 幺八 (yāo bā) n Mandarin. it strongly resembles the words “going to prosper”. Also considered lucky is adding up 1+8=9. Nine has the same pronunciation with 久 Jiu, meaning everlasting. Nine lives anyone?
Are you seeing the # 18 pop up repeatedly at random times or places?  A door, the time i.e. 8:18, a license plate? It could be your guardian angels sending you a message of hope.
We all know black cats are lucky. Whaaaaat? You’re not sure? Read our book Black Cats Tell All. This is the Amazon affiliate link   but if you’re not a fan of Amazon you can purchase at Barnes & Noble or if you’re feeling lucky, enter our giveaway. More good news below! I will randomly select from comments from this post. The winner will receive a copy of our book purrsonally signed my Layla and me, bookmark, catnip and who knows what else. This was our last winner @arlingtonanimalclinic. Monica is a vet with ten cats and posted a bunch of pics on Instagram. I’m serious about keeping our special stash of ‘nip locked up. One of her cats found it and stashed it away for her private paradise!



To be honest, as a nonprofit fundraising project it does not make us happy to give Amazon a lion’s share of the profit. Of the $19.99 price, we only make about $2.00 for the print version. It’s a bit higher for Barnes & Noble. If we sell via other platforms it reflects in our Amazon rankings but who cares? It would be nice to sell strongly on all platforms but we’d I’d rather be able to donate more money.


Yes, it’s more convenient not to worry about the hassle of packing up books and shipping but have decided to sell BLACK CATS TELL ALL at our SHOP. For 24.95 we will offer a limited amount of autographed copies to our U.S. readers with a book mark and free catnip (while quantities last. This catnip is not available for sale) plus FREE shipping.

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How do I feel about turning 18 this week? Very, very lucky indeed. My dear fursibs gave me a card. Odin’s and Domino’s cold is getting better but Nou Nou vomited on the electronic TV thingy so the remote won’t work. It’s always something. Stay well and thank you!


Much love and black velvet purrs,


I wonder if the catty card means I have to aim for the Guinness record for oldest cat?





We are honoring Martin Luther King Day as we always do, feline style. This recent post from Raw Story sums up our views. Our fave quote is: Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.’, ‘I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.’, and ‘Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.’

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  1. Guys, this is awesome. I love this and also this post too.
    We all love our cats.

  2. Sorry to have missed your birthday Clyde, we hope it was a happy one!
    Hugs and purrs to you!
    Inky & Toots

  3. Happy Birthday Clyde and Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

  4. Thinking of you on your special day Clyde! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday & a healthy year filled with all good things! Thank you for letting us all be a part of your world! (Hello Layla! Hope you are doing well!)

    1. Thanks and thank you for being a special part of our world 🙂 Clyde sends Alice a big kiss!

  5. Wishing you the very best on your Birthday Clyde. May it be filled eith loves, treats, adventures and tons of friends. Did you know you were born the day after my Dad’s birthday and he loved black cats? You are one year older than my Mikkola. It is wonderful having a senior cat ❤❤❤ Hope your family feels bettet??????? and that you continue to do well and lastly LLAP. ?❤?❤????❤?❤? Kim, Mikkola and Spooky the Black.?

    1. Thanks so much Kim and Mikkola sounds wonderful. Spooky the Black is a great name xo

  6. Happy 18th birthday, Clyde. Now you can come visit Angus is Canada and have a glass of Meowbec ? Cheers to many more years to come!

    1. Thanks, and ha, I forgot the legal drinking age in Canada is 18! xoxox

  7. Happy Birthday Clyde!!! Here’s to many more! Senior cats are the best. I adopted a senior cat (13.5 years old) 6 months ago and she’s just the best kitty.

    1. Thanks you Lisa and hearing about you adopting a senior kitty made my day xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday Clyde ! 18, already ? We wish you a wonderful day ! Purrs

    1. Thanks mes amies . Time flies you know 😉 xo

  9. Happy Birthday Clyde! You look great for your age and I hope you’re feeling good despite your conditions. I hope I live to be lucky 18.

    1. Thanks CK, I hope you live beyond 18 xoxo

  10. Happy Birthday Clyde…with age comes wisdom.
    Sending you health & happiness for many more years to come!

    1. Thank you. I sure hope so or we’ll have to change the name of our blog 🙂 xox

  11. Happy Birthday Clyde, you are such a special dude!

    1. Purrs of thanks to you, a special dude too! xoxox

  12. Happy Birthday Clyde!! It certainly is a pawsome birthday celebration you are throwing. I was born on August 18, so 18 has always been my favorite number. What is the oldest cat on record right now? Somehow I feel like you can make that number easy.

    Lots of scritches, warm laps and long lasting sunbeams heading your way.

    Sue B with kitties Stan, Ollie, Gabbi, Xena and Tigger

    1. Purrs of thanks to you Sue and the kitties. I have a long way to go to break any records. The current oldest cat title is vacant. The latest one died in Sept. at age 32 and another tabby the same age has not applied to Guinness yet.

  13. Happy birthday, Clyde! Black cats are very special beings!!! And, from the looks of it, you’re more special than most, having made it to the great age of 18. ?? May your coming years be filled with good food ????, tasty nip ?, and happy times ????. ??

    1. Thanks a bunch and for sharing the love on IG. I extra special nip xoxoxo

  14. Happy Birthday Clyde!!! There must be something about black cats you get older and wiser. I am hoping your kitty brothers and sisters feel better we have a bit of the sickness here too amongst he cats.Odin the dog is diabetic like you and lost his sight- pardon the absence posting .
    I hope on your special day it is one of love purrs and lots of treats and then a nice warm nap!

    1. Ellen, much love to you but I’m not happy to hear about your Odin and the kitties. xoxox

    1. Thanks so much Beth xoxo

  15. Happy Birthday, Clyde. My lovely Meadow is going to be 18 sometime this year as well. We just adopted May 1 as her birthday since we don’t know the actual day.

    1. Yay, Andrea for adopting an older gal. I bet Meadow is lovely! xoxox

  16. Happy 18th birthday Clyde!! You are old enough to vote now. LOL 🙂
    I hope your birthday was purrfect with lots of catnip, purrs, naps and tuna.

    1. Oh yes thanks, and we wish there was something good to vote for! xoxox

  17. Happy 18th Birthday to you Clyde!
    You are looking pawsome too!!
    Be sure to get spoiled.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  18. Happy Birthday Clyde. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  19. A very happy and lucky birthday, Clyde. Fortune favours you and, if you become the world’s oldest cat, I will send you a birthday card. Keep up the good work and kudos to your pet parent for taking care of you. I have arthritis too but we keep pushing on. Warm wishes to you, Odin and all the kitties and kitty mom, Layla

  20. Happy Birthday Clyde!You are a fantastic muse for cat awesomeness. May you continue good years of that with us. — Love, Kelly and Kagome

  21. Happy Birthday Clyde!You are a fantastic cat muse and may you have more good years of that with us. — Kelly

  22. Yay! Happy Birthday, Clyde! We’re so glad we got to celebrate this special day with you.

  23. Clyde, we wish you the very best day ever and i hope there are 18 mouses on your cake to celebrate!
    Toodle pips and 18 purr salute

  24. Happy birthday Clyde, from Lucky and Buddy of Connecticut. Oh, and Jude, our human, says happy birthday too. Hope you get everything you wished for!

  25. Aww Happy 18th birthday Clyde and also Happy MLK day! Enjoy your day when it comes!

  26. Pawsome Clyde! Break (open) a can of tuna!

  27. A very, VERY Happy Birthday a few days early, Clyde! 18 is wonderful age, but then again, who’s counting anymore? Black cats ROCK!

  28. We wish you the HAPPIEST OF HAPPY BIRTHDAYS dear Clyde!!! We are so glad that you made Lucky 18 and wish you many, many more Happy and Healthy ones to come!!!
    We are glad to hear that there is improvement in the health issues for all!
    We think that the Amazon” Lion’s share” of the profit sucks big time. That is an issue with all of the nonprofit stuff, sadly so much of the money never actually makes it to the ones in need.
    Luvs and Happy Happy to you all! Purrs and Prayers for continued health renewal!
    Skeeter and Izzy and The Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

    1. Big purrrrrrrs of love to you and so true about Amazon. We do what we can with what we have xoxox

  29. Happy Birthday Clyde!!! Age is just a #, so don’t let anyone tell you that your an OLD cat. Enjoy some mouse cake and nip. We’ve also had cat colds here…all four of us one. We haven’t shared it with our dog brother so far. Hope you have a special birthday all week long.

  30. Happy 18th Birthday Clyde!!

  31. dood. a most happee 18th two ewe N heerz ta 18 mor with yeerz oh happeez N healtheez. hope ya get 18 pork chopz, 18 perch pizza piez, 18 shrimpz N 18 hugz frum yur familee…each….pleez eggz cuze any tie poez, we stole a mobile dee vize ta sneek
    over heer. N joy yur day ♥️♥️??????♥️♥️??????❤️❤️

    1. Mmmmm, thanks and no 18 burds 😉 xoxoxo

  32. Happy birthday, Clyde! I didn’t know how important the number 18 was in different traditions! I think for kitties, it is important in any case because not all kitties get to reach that number. BTW, Binga will be 18 in August… if she finds out about these traditions, I think it will go to her head!

    1. Clyde insists you tell Binga straightaway what to expect and start planning 😉

  33. Happy Birthday Clyde! You are such a fabulous example of overcoming adversity. Sending much love your way!

    1. So lovely to hear from you and thanks xoxo

  34. Happy 18th Birthday, Clyde! You are a very, very lucky black cat. You have lived a long life and you have Domino, Odin and Nou Nou as your furry siblings. You also have wonderful human parents! Long live Black Cats!!

  35. I am sat here Clyde, and I am almost in tears. Happy ones full of pride at your achievements, your determination to overcome struggles and your still being here and loving your family. You are your Mum have done a superb job with the book and I am glad you are selling it in your shop. I will add you to our book review spot update.

    L’chaim sweet buddy and have a wonderful birthday.


    1. Many purrs of thanks for everything. I saw you shared and feel very grateful.xoxox

  36. Happy Birthday, Clyde!
    I enjoyed learning about 18. I will be on the lookout for it from now on.

  37. Happy birthday, dear Clyde. I’m so glad you waited at PAWS until Layla came to get you!
    Your old friend Maggie

  38. Happy Birthday, Clyde. Thank you for the interesting information about the number 18, it is special and so are you. Hope you have an awesome birthday. Andy, Tater and Mom

    P.S. Sorry to hear that Nou Nou barfed on the remote.

  39. Happy Birthday Clyde! You are a special cat indeed, and have given many years of happiness! Live on!

  40. Happy birthday to you from my sister black cats Winks, Shimmer and Sly! Purrrfect day!

  41. Happy Birthday Clyde. May you have a fun filled day.

  42. Happy Happy early birthday Clyde!!! You are one LUCKY kitty for sure !! (and extra special!) Tell mom I never knew about “It’s common to give cash or checks at Jewish weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzahs for $180 or $360″…….that is interesting! (notice I used the lower end cause I laughed at the larger amounts!) I will have to remember this for two weddings we are invited to this year.

  43. Happy birthday, dear Clyde! 18 is something to celebrate. Enjoy your day.

  44. Happy Birthday ?! Black cats are the best! I wish you many more years of Home domination.

  45. 18 on 18th isn’t that great? Have a super birthday that day and I hope you are not like the one from alice coopers ” I’m 18″ song ;O)))

  46. Happy Birthday to YOU, Clyde! 18!
    (A bit early, but petcretary has to work on the 18th…)
    Now you can vote, too:)
    I hope to hear of your fame and good luck for many years to come!

    1. Many thanks dear furrrriends xox

  47. Happy Birthday, Clyde! 18 is a very distinguished number for a distinguished gentleman cat, as you are! As you know, I adore Black Cats. Oh no, Nou Nou threw up on the thingy and now the remote won’t work.

  48. Oh Clyde lucky YOU making it to Lucky 18! We had surely hoped the same for Angel Sammy but alas it was not meant to be. We hope it’s a MOST special birthday week AND that you have lots and lots more birthdays in the “here and now” my friend to enjoy with your wonderful family. We think the book is absolutely AMAZING – we’ve read it forwards and backwards and every which way and it’s pure “black magic” indeed. I’m sending you a birthday hug – I hope you can feel it!

    Love, Teddy

  49. Happy Birthday and many more!

    1. Thanks and I just love that compliment. Wouldn’t it be purrfect for an amazon Review.

  50. Yes, Black cats speak from an inherent place of creativity – Mine shared that she came from a place of chaos and offers wisdom from the universe!

  51. Happy Birthday Clyde,I won’t be online on Thursday as mummy has to go to London for the day.but I hope you have the best day,xx Speedy

  52. Happy Happy PURRthday. What a great day to celebrate.. and now you can vote!!!

  53. Happy birthday, Clyde! We love you lots, dear friend, and are so thankful for you. It was such an honor and privilege to get to know you at PAWS, and we are grateful that you’ve found the purrfect home there with Domino, Merlin, Nou Nou, Layla and Joe. L’Chaim!

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