Out Of This World Snow Cat Adventures

Out Of This World Snow Cat Adventures by feline editor Clyde.

Hello dear ones. It’s a double treat on this Black Cats Tell All Monday. Can I say the title is a bit of a white lie? Not that I would ever lie to you, but a more accurate title would be Tales of Two Adventure Cats: One Indoor Cat and Bookish Lover Of Star Trek Cats:The Next Generation and One Indoor/Outdoor Cat Who Loves Snow. No, that doesn’t sound right either. Where is an editor’s assistant when you need one?

The truth is I have zero interest in real life adventures. Getting up in the morning and meowing for meals nine times a day is adventure enough. If you’re like me, you may prefer finding adventure in books. They are an instant escape to anywhere, anytime and even out of this world. I enjoyed Star Trek Cats (read my review) and now more adventures await in Star Trek: The Next Generation by Jenny Parks is a faithful feline homage to the hit series.

Sorry, it’s not available for sale until tomorrow but I always get advance copies. Must be that lucky black cat luck! Anyway, it looks like another best seller. Oh, the black cutie doing the downward dog in a pink leotard in one episode is the cat’s meow.  Three of the kitty crew are black so I approve and the illustrations are spot-on adorable.



Excuse me while I bury my furry visage into deep space and allow my fur brother Odin to take you on an adventure of the snowy kind. The good news is most the snow is gone but it’s still cold. Thankfully I have a thick panther fur coat to keep me warm and your kind thoughts. xoxox

This companion to the bestselling Star Trek Cats brings the many adventures of Star Trek: The Next Generation to life in a faithfully feline homage to the hit series.

Snow, the final frontier. Oh, hello! It’s me, Odin and no, mother nature did not dip the tip of my tail into a snowdrift. I was born this way and I’ve loved snow and outdoor adventures since kittenhood. Can you believe I’m turning 8 in June? That’s like middle-age man but not me. I do this every single day and it never gets old. Follow me for some real adventure. 



The secret of adventure is having a good imagination. That means even the wildest adventures can be found in your backyard (physically and metaphorically). My territory is about 5 acres and 5 million miles wide in my mind. Most cats have wild imaginations. Why else would humans keep writing books about us?


Good-bye birds. There was a family living there but I think they flew to Florida for the winter. I don’t know for sure but one would dive bomb me in the summer. Nasty little bugger but I did not, repeat did not kill him. Maybe a relative but not from this bird house. I will report if this nest gets occupied in the spring and I promise not to evict them. Maybe. Tra, la la…moving on.


I wanted to visit my OTRB buddies Merlin and Gris Gris but the beautiful memorial garden and burial mound was covered in snow. They were very good friends of mine and we all still miss them. I like leaving scent messages on the old garden chair where Gris Gris and Merlin loved sunbathing on. Sometimes they leave angel messages and other signs. You’d be surprised what you find in nature when you stop, watch and listen. Pardon my private parts and excited tail. I find the snow so invigorating.


Hello, spring! I know you’re hiding somewhere. Oh, I wonder if Clyde or Nou Nou are looking out the window at me. They think I’m an idiot for going outside but I don’t care. I am who I am and we’d all be better off if we were more accepting of our differences. And I mean ALL of us including you humans. Not that I’m judging you. They say cats are always secretly judging but don’t believe it. We have better things to do. Our highly developed senses are constantly sniffing, hearing and seeing what you can’t see, hear or smell. Can we help it if we’re a tad superior to you? Nah.


Cats do spent much of our time observing not just your movements but everything. Outside, every day is different. It looks and smells crazy different every single day. Really. If you could smell what I do, you’d have a “happy tail” too. It’s a cause for celebration and maybe a song. I have my “happy tail” up most of the time. How does that song go?


The best part after a little adventure is to go back inside safe and warm. Not all cats are this lucky. Some cats are homeless and have to stay outdoors in the cold.  ALL the time. They need to be saved and if feral, trapped, neuter/spayed and returned to a managed colony where volunteers like (maybe you?) feed them and provide shelter. Not centrally heated luxury but some straw and a box. Thank you to those of you who help cats in any way you can. We’re worth it. And remember: never resist adventure. That goes for books or real life. Look at me. I spend the first few months in the rough part of the Bronx, lost my eye and easily could have wound up stray or dead. But someone brought me to a shelter which saved my life and now I help save other cats.


Clyde does not agree about adventure. At least not the kind I’m talking about . He’d rather find his adventure in books while snuggling with Layla.


Some more good news and an ask. We made no money promoting the Star Trek book which will do very well.  Meanwhile our non-profit book Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images which has been out for a few months now could use some love. If you’d like to help cats, please buy or share about our book which was just awarded a certificate of excellence from the CWA. More about that in another post.

Much furry love,

Clyde & Odin

Our fursibs Domino and Nou Nou say thanks for visiting xo

24 thoughts on “Out Of This World Snow Cat Adventures”

  1. Hello, dear Clyde and Odin. It’s nice to see you both looking so well. Clyde, that book sounds wonderful, and we can understand why you’ve buried your nose in it. And Odin, we’re glad you like the snow, but we are ready for spring, and the warmer weather that comes with it. 🙂

    Hugs to you both, and to Nou Nou, Domino and Layla, too

  2. Eric and Flynn loved to explore in the snow, but we never got more than a couple of inches, if any. This year has certainly been different with snow twice in 15 days.
    Like Odin, the first thing they would do in the mornings is sniff every inch of the garden boundary.

  3. guyz…conga ratz on yur CWA certificatez …how kewl iz THAT !!! HOORAY & YAY and 984 pawz UP !! 🙂 Star Trek catz soundz outta this werld…noe pun inn tended…. 🙂 ♥♥

  4. Everything looks so pretty covered in snow except if it’s within five miles of home. I wish that Star Trek Cats book would have been out last week. It would have made a great #ScifiPawty prize. I hope most of your snow has melted. Our’s was gone almost immediately.

  5. We just got dumped on- 16″. We were in that small band that got that much . Wet heavy mess. None of the inside kitties go out, and the outside cats needed to be dug out although they were trekking through the snow like Odin. Not all care for it. Punchy has been wobbly now for some time, he eats and goes back in to snuggle against the heater and his favorite cat . It is melting a bit now thank goodness.

  6. Congratulations on your Certificate of Excellence! It is a charming book with wonderful photos of all those beautiful black cats.

  7. Oh the snow! We had… well, I’m 50 miles south of Boston now… We had 14 inches a couple of weeks ago… But many regions got so much more!

    The weather is confused. Thinks this is Canada! Well, you and I know Canada, eh?

    Love from Cheddar

    Mao in ATL… has chronic kidney… he’s OK but not great…

  8. I can’t believe you guys still have that much snow so late in the season – wait, isn’t THAT season supposed to be over anyway? That book sounds really cool!

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