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9 Secrets About The Funny Polish Professor Cat Video

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You may have seen the funny Polish Professor cat video but here’s 9 secrets you may not know about it. If not secrets, exclusive details not widely shared until now. Includes photos of Professor Targalski’s other cats.

  1. The professor, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, age 66, is a serious cat man with a goofy side but make no mistake: he is a respected geopolitical scientist. Born in Lodz, Poland, Talgalski is a historian with PhD in humanities, orientalist, opposition activist in the communist era, publicist, former member of the board of the Polish Radio.
  2. The orange tabby in the viral is not his only cat. In fact, the cat in the video, Liseo has a ginger fursib named Barbis. Both are extremely calm yet focused. They are mesmerizing to watch (even if you don’t understand Polish) interacting with their cat dad. More pics of bonded brothers Liseo and Barbis
  3. The video series Geopolitical Crucible” in Telewizja Republika took on a feline slant over a year ago, when a ginger Puss N Boots art work appeared on the bookcase. Each video usually starts with Targalski petting a cat on his lap who may or may not linger.
  4. In the lower left corner of the viral video is another cat outside on the patio peeking inside the window is Herszt, a tabby sibling. The three were adopted as kittens in 2012. See more pics here of Herszt The mysterious, black Maine Coon Tomek is seen in an earlier video but is not a lap sitter.
  5. The funny video may seem like the cat hijacked the interview but it’s not a fluke. The cats have been filmed regularly for over a year in a series of videos and are very comfortable in front of a camera. Liseo is especially chill, either snoozing or intently staring at Targalski or the cameraman.
  6. On the professor’s website (in Polish) there is a section about his cats. Another black cat of his is Czarnuszek wyrzucony (black Cumin) but it’s not clear if he’s still around. There are other cats of different descriptions including visiting neighbor’s cats via the cat door. It’s clear cats of any color are welcome.
  7. The leonine Professor Targalski is a Leo. No surprise there. Why an Aladdin’s lamp sits as a prop is anyone’s guess.
  8. In journalism, Targalski he uses the pseudonym Józef Darski adopted in 1984 when he co-created and edited the underground magazine “Niepodległość”
  9. There is no question the political scientist’s cats have helped grow his audience. Maybe it’s a plot for feline world domination or world peace? Stay tuned.

Watch how Sphinx-like and Zen Lisia is. Herszt is much more restless but equally loved.

Orange, red, ginger or whatever you call everyone’s favorite tabby color is great, but we’re delighted the professor adopted a black cat or two. Tomek looks as happy to see the camera as our Clyde. It’s all part of their charm, yes?



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