Double The Love: Valentine Giveaway For Cat Lovers

We’re celebrating Cat Love Month and sharing the love by offering a special giveaway of two gift packs. There will be two winners of cat products made with love for cat lovers by cat lovers.

cat lovers valentine giveaway-etsy

As much as I love doing giveaways for large brands, there is something so heartfelt and personal about cat lovers who make cat products. Our giveaway participants are all women who live in the U.S. (from coast to coast) who adore cats. I hope you share the love and support them by visiting their Etsy shops or websites.They are a joy to deal with and to show my love, I’m conducting this giveaway for free.

Gift Pack #1

1- KittyKuddly, the cozy practical multi-purpose kitty carrier/bed designed in California by Penny Hymes, a vet tech for easier vet visits. We’ve had ours since 2011 and most recently using it as Odin’s bookcase top aerie. The KittyKuddly is available is available in a wide variety of colors/patterns so visit her website at and tell us in a comment which one is your preference.See it in action here.

Plus all Cat Wisdom 101 readers will receive a 10% off when entering the discount code “catwisdom101” at checkout.

1- Chocolate Box Heart Catnip Toy from Polydactyl Cats in Philadelphia. Randi Warhol is the creative force behind her line of wildly whimsical catnip toy designs. The Chocolate box is the cutest Valentine gift and contains only catnip. Chocolate as we all know is toxic to cats and dogs. Visit Polydactal Cats on Etsy or follow them on Twitter
cat lovers valentine catnip hearts box-polydactyl cats giveaway

1- Red Hearts bow tie on a breakaway collar with bell from Ripley Wear. Natalie Haas, the owner makes adorable handmade cat and dog collars with a capital “A”. Natalie, who lives in Dayton, Ohio says, “I have always loved cats and was raised with a love for arts and crafts. I started making collars for our 2 rescue cats and loved it so much that I decided to turn it into a small business. My husband and I founded RipleyWear in 2014 and we absolutely love dressing up all of our wonderful 4-legged customers!” Visit Ripley Wear on Etsy

cat lovers valentine giveaway-bowtie collar -Rileywear

Gift Prize #2

1-Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind tote bag from Florida-based Dawn Weatherstone Art. Dawn paints a different cat on each bag I really love this sturdy denim bag which has endless uses including as a book or beach bag, for toting groceries and even cats!

Visit Dawn Weatherstone Art on Etsy


dawn weatherstone art -cat lovers valentine etsy giveaway










1- Pack of 3 catnip-filled toys of lambskin leather from Jessie at Primal Kitty who lives on a farm in Washington State with 1 husband, 7 cats, 1 dog, 19 bison, 26 chickens, 3 geese and 1 turkey. All her products are made of natural products cats go crazy for. She has seven cats who test the products. See all the products at Primal Kitty on Etsy

leather catnip toy-cat lovers valentine etsy giveaway









Jessie says, “I wish I could say I was the brains behind Primal Pet toys but, I must give credit where credit is due, it was Sabrina the cat. She is a black-super-slinky-former-barn-cat and always likes to get into things, especially in my leather workshop. I will let her tell the story: “Hi, I am Sabrina Kitty. I have this really awesome game of going into my humans workshop and getting fun things to play with and bringing them upstairs to share. Weeeee fun! One day the silly human left open a bin of buffalo leather scraps and I had a blast flinging all things buffalo out onto the floor and then sharing with my 7 Primal Kitty friends upstairs. What a mess…….it was great! Then the real fun began when the human saw a piece of fur on the floor and squealed like a little school girl thinking the scrap was a mouse. OMG, we all had a great laugh! Even better, it got her to thinkin’ (a rarity in my opinion) and she got this cool idea to make a Primal Kitty Mouse. It looks so much like a mouse that even I squealed….ummm……with pleasure, of course!! So, I, errrr…..we, invented the Wooly Mouse made with genuine American Buffalo (aka bison) leather.”

Thank you, Sabrina! She may have embellished a bit but, it is a true story! I have since created several different designs and love making unique toys that kitties & doggies go wild for! Yah, and on another note, I do have a sneaking suspicion that I am a slave to my pets……=^..^=

Our Valentine giveaway is on for one week and the two winners will be selected randomly and announced on Feb. 9, 2015. Please note: since the individual vendors ship separately, the items may arrive at different times. This giveaway is open only to U.S. residents. Good luck!

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63 thoughts on “Double The Love: Valentine Giveaway For Cat Lovers”

  1. Hi Layla,

    Thanks for letting me participate in this giveaway! Could you please email me the name and address of the winner? I would love to send out the Chocolate Heart toy as soon as possible.


  2. KittyKuddly:
    If this could really work for our cats, esp. Syl, it would be a blessing for vet appointments. As soon as they se the pet taxi, they both bolt but it cn get pretty bloody adn scratched so we dread it.

    The video is impressive how calmly it is done. But looks like definitely a worth for some tries for all of our furry family members. This would be a perfect way tto try them as they are expensive. But if it works, we’d order more sosince they will not share beds.

    We’d order liekly a solid color or the paws in red theme one. 🙂

  3. We’d be happy with anything. We wonder if the kitty kuddly would help Mom Paula groom Brulee. We don’t really have any problems going to the vet and we tend to be pretty calm once there. We really like the chocolate cat nip toys.

  4. Lovin’ the chocolate box catnip toys – anything from a place called Polydactyl Cats just HAS to be fab!!! Tee Hee…………what a pawsome giveaway you’re having to “spread the love” on Valentine’s Day Miss Layla!

    Love, Sammy

  5. I’d like to win the KittyKuddly for PAWS. It would really come in handy at the shelter for moving the cats into the medical area or between rooms.

  6. Well all those awe pawsum and it’s so nice dat yous workin’ wiff little businesses of cat owners. We just luv da made wiff luv toys. We like da black and white zebra cuddly and da box of chocolates. We don’t wear collaws as we be service cats and wear hawnesses, but da collaw is very cute. Da buffalo toys be gweat and me finks we missed sumfin, but we luv them all. Fanks again fur da oppurr tunity to enter such a pawsum give away.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. Oh WOW!!! So many cool things from so many creative people! The Kitty Cuddly would be super in the Multi Paws print. We would be deeply honored to win any of these wonderful artworks. We have a deep respect for creative people, they rock!

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  8. The Tie-dyed Rainbow is trés cool! Etsy shops are the best. Lookit all the loot. I’ll just be happy if I win something. Anything. I was a little disappointed to see all the “chocolates” are just painted on the box and not individual toys. Heh.

    1. That chocolate toy looks so cool! I think the toy is an actual heart shape with chocolate pattern on the fabric. It isn’t painted on the box. It’s an actual catniptoy.

  9. Wow, what a great Valentine drawing! I’d love to win anything. For the Kitty Kuddler I’d like the tie-dyed rainbow pattern. Those types of carrier cuddlies are great for nervous cats. Or any cat for that matter.

  10. I would love to win the hand painted bag. But I would be thrilled to win any of the prizes. Thank you for making such a great contest.

  11. Wow, what a pawsome giveaway! That chocolate box is so cute!

    Thank you for your comment about raw food brand. That is Rad Cat. It does come frozen, and I defrost it until it’s soft enough to spoon the food out. Then zip, vacuum air out, and re-freeze. In the post, I just omitted detail..didn’t think anybody would be interested, haha.

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