Funny Cats’ Easter Egg Baskets Hunt

When the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, we need cats, tradition and a few laughs. I always chuckle when I see vintage images of Easter witches flying comically on broomsticks with their cats. Seriously, it’s a thing in Finland and Sweden.

Odin refused to wear bunny ears but posed (sort of) with my hand-painted Easter eggs. The great Easter Egg Hunt started off okay until it took a less eggcellent direction.

Odin looking so innocent while we know he is harboring murderous thoughts.

Sigh, the work involved getting one pretty pose, Odin was hellbent on finding the treats. When no more to be found, he took his hunting to the next level and knocked the basket over. Eggs rolled out which startled him and the hunt was over. No eggs were broken and a slightly miffed Odin wandered off to plan an attack on the stingy Easter Bunny.

Was it payback for this?


Smart Nou Nou stayed far away from the photoshoot. She is as reclusive as ever but much to my shock and delight found her lounging on the sofa last week. First time ever. She never ventures downstairs and then has taken over Clyde’s old hideaway in a bookcase by the fireplace where mini-Domino lives. The mask is actually a corner of a heating pad. It goes to show you cats never fail to surprise us.

Happy Easter from our home to yours. We’d invite you inside but hey, social distancing. 

Cat Wisdom 101 Hoppy Easter

As much as I’m not into cats wearing costumes, I couldn’t resist sharing a few Instagram kitties in their Easter finery.

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Our friend Teddy was featured at our @blackcatsofIG Instagram for being a good sport. Odin, take note.

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I hope the silliness brings smiles as we forge towards the merry month ( I hope) of May. Happy Easter!

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and Angels

P.S. Your moment of Zen. This is a screenshot from my camera roll. No editing of my annual ode to cherry blossoms. Each image is a high res. large file if I ever feel like editing. They speak to the ephemeral and transitory nature of life. This too shall pass. Enjoy whatever you can while you can. Find the small joys. They are everywhere when you have the curiosity of a cat.

19 thoughts on “Funny Cats’ Easter Egg Baskets Hunt”

  1. How cute, those pics with Odin!
    And Nou Nou was clever getting her mask on…she came out of her home…so it was needed,MOL, MOL!!

    Your beautiful springtime blossoms are rather ahead of ours…the weeping cherry tree we have it covered in fat pink buds, but no blooms as yet. Soon we hope!

  2. The magniolias and other flowery trees are gorgeous ! It looks like Odin had lots of fun during the photo session, til the bonnet thing at least, MOL ! Happy Easter ! Purrs

  3. Awww, such delightful images, and yes, there is a look of mischief in that there cats eyes. MOL
    Love the blossom, and hopefully, from there the fruit will come and then the harvest – if not for you then the birds and wildlife.
    Joyfull days are everywhere so long as we look for them with our eyes heart and mind wide open.

  4. Happy Easter! My human thinks of dyeing eggs every year… and then never does. Which is especially a bummer this year, because she actually has all white eggs in the fridge instead of the usual organic, range free, premium brown eggs she usually has.

  5. No treats in the basket? I’m outta here too. TW enjoyed the nature images.
    The big debate we’ve seen online whether this will change people. We can be the change we want to see but we can’t change anyone but ourselves. That said, people will return to same old, same old.

  6. Your Easter eggs are beautiful! No wonder Odin was checking the basket. No catnip eggs?? Don’t tell him that I said he looks adorable in his Easter bonnet! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Happy Easter Sally! Thank you. I hand painted a few new eggs this year. I think Odin would have gotten even crazier with catnip 😉

  7. Yes, we need to *celebrate* the coming of new life, whatever that may mean. Like the natural world, we shall adapt, and go on, in some ways unchanged and in others, showing our (and Nature’s) usual degree of ingenious creativity in making whatever appears something that can be dealt with, somehow. Remember, a tree can split a rock, even if it must grow through a crack to do so!

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