Cat Discovers Coronavirus Cure in 1918

Cat Discovers Coronavirus Cure in 1918 by Layla Morgan Wilde

Cats and plagues are no strangers. Our feline friends have survived the Justinian Plague in 541 CE, the Black Death in the Middle Ages, the Great Plague of 1665 and the Spanish Flu in 1918. And they will survive the current coronavirus pandemic.

Its extremely unlikely that your cat will contract Corvid19 or transmit it to humans. One cat in Belgium and one cat in Hong Kong have tested positive for the coronvirus. In both cases, it was human-to-animal transmission.

Cats are resourceful and clever as we all know but also mysterious. They don’t give up their secrets easily, until now. After digging in old magazine and newspaper archives from 1918, I found some curious artifacts. An old photo of four men with a cat. The cat looks like an ordinary tabby but obviously is of some importance.

antique photo-mean

The truth? Could it be that a cat in 1918 discovered the cure for the coronavirus? I had to dig deeper. Way deeper like back to 1896. Was that fancy Elizabethan collar for fashion or medical reasons? Could the story titles hide the truth? How small the world, indeed.

Black cat Magazine-april-1896

Advertising has always been the art of persuasion and humans are still persuaded to part with their dollars today. Eureka! Look carefully and all is revealed.

antique newspaper ads-april fool

Happy April Fool’s Day! We explain the true origins of April Fool’s Day. For real. April Fool tomfoolery

But don’t be fooled about the coronavirus. It’s no joke. Wash your hands and follow your local government protocols. But to stay sane, cats offer the next best thing to a cure: stress relief. A healthy dose of humor goes a long way.

And while you’re at it don’t believe everything you read. Get the truth from reliable news sources. I find the BBC more measured and less dramatic than American news. Don’t be obsessively checking and refreshing bad news. It creates more fear and anxiety.

We’re in for tough times ahead. Less social media and more purrs is my new motto for the new normal. We will survive just as cats have always survived one catastrophe after another.

Love, Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and happily over the rainbow bridge angels

april fool's day-vintage cats

15 thoughts on “Cat Discovers Coronavirus Cure in 1918”

  1. We had a client come that today at dressed up their cat for Cinco de Mayo, and man did it look hilarious. It would definitely make it on here as a meme! Anyway great post, look forward to more.

  2. Happy belated April Fool’s Day!
    Everyone stay safe!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang And the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  3. I was kinda hoping that it was a FIP cure! But on the good side, it was a nice post about cats which as always are amazing.
    Stay safe !!!

  4. Happy April Fool’s Day!! This is just too funny. This has to be one of the best ones we have seen today. We needed a good laugh today. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  5. April Fool’s Day! You had me from the start, worried that the cat got the virus. Thanks for the laughs!

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