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New Reason Eco-friendly Cats Love Trees On Earth Day

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New Reason Eco-friendly Cats Love Trees On Earth Day by feline editor and cat litter expert Odin Wilde.

It’s Odin here taking over the blog for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day one of my favorite holidays. More than ever, our planet needs you, humans, to step up and make a difference. I have one easy way you can by changing to a new, earth-friendly cat litter.

To celebrate, we’re also sharing exclusive feline Earth Day photo quotes to share to Pinterest or your favorite social media.

We’re big tree huggers, climbers and all-around lovers of trees. Always have been. That includes my cat mom Layla and ancestors. Hello, I could teach them a few things about trees but they have taught me all about wisdom.

Today, I have a new reason to love trees. I’m in love with a new cat litter called Catalyst Cat Litter and it’s made from up-cycled trees in a revolutionary new way. It’s unlike any litter you’ve ever tried.

It has everything good going for it. I should know since I have the privilege of being an indoor-outdoor cat. I’ve tried every cat litter under the sun and nothing beats the bliss of doing your business outdoors. Naturally eco-friendly Catalyst Cat Litter is the next best thing.

Truth be told, I’m not fussy about litter but oh, the horror stories I could tell you. All litters are NOT created equal. Ew, fake scents and back-breaking heavy litter. My poor, diabetic brother Clyde peed a lot and clay bits would harden like cement in between his toes. Gross!

But worse: Did you know clay litter is NOT biodegradable and 5 billion pounds are strip-mined every year? Much of it ends back in land fill to stay forever.

Catalyst Cat Litter-catwisdom101

What do I most like about Catalyst Cat Litter?

  • 100% sustainable.
  • Looks, feels, smells natural so it’s naturally attractant.
  • Wonderful texture that clumps well.
  • Powerful but light weight.
  • Lasts long, making it good value.
  • Free and safe delivery. Bonus in these days of Coronvirus.

Earth Day graphic-Cat Wisdom 101

If you have a chance to get outside, please hug a tree for me. And if you can’t, enjoy these trees with cats and their wisdom.

Happy Earth Day Peace, Love & Purrs,

Odin, Nou Nou, Angel Cats and our human, Layla

And I had to include something from our black cat community @blackcatofig on Instagram. This pawsome panther is included in our Black Cats Tell All book.

Earth Day card_catwisdom101

This post is sponsored by the lovely folks from Catalyst Cat Litter. Check them out. They’re making the planet more purrfect. My favorite is the Healthy Cat Formula. Its mild woodsy scent appeals but they also have an un-scented formula and one for multi-cat households.

Join the Catalyst Cat litter revolution on their social: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Oh, and one more thing we’re over the moon about. Catalyst has partnered with rePurpose Global a movement of conscious consumers & businesses going PlasticNeutral by financing the removal of ocean-bound plastic worldwide. Now that’s something to jump for joy!

Catalyst Cat Litter-cat wisdom 101-Odin

How are you celebrating Earth Day?


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