February VIP Cat Holidays
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February VIP Cat Holidays & Miracle Black Cat Marlena

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UPDATE: Marten @peculiar was won the Modern Cat contest. He will grace the cover of the Modern Cat Magazine Spring/summer 2018 issue.

It’s February and we have some VIP or very important pet holidays this month. This is your feline editor Clyde in an especially passionate mood. I can’t wait to introduce you a very special black cat, Marlena and her four kittens. Their dad was clearly not black. But first, I extend a furry paw and hearty thank you to everyone in our community who voted for Marten, the black cat I interviewed last week. Marten the marvelous @peculiarpanther kept his lead in the Modern Cat Magazine “Star Cat” contest. The official winner hasn’t been announced yet but the contest closed with Marten leading by over 3000 votes.

We’re extra proud since Marten’s mom Erin is one of our new @BlackCatsofIG admins. Our other new admin is Kelly @blackcats_of_the_summit She has three black cats Elvira, Poe and the fabulous one-eyed Beric who escorted our Nou Nou to the prom last year. There are many “pawties” and holidays to enjoy but it’s fluffy and privileged fun for cats with good homes. Not all cats are as fortunate.

It’s National Cat Health Month, Pet Dental Month and National Pet Responsibility Month but today our focus is on the importance of spay/neuter. Nothing is more responsible than that. Spay/neuter saves lives and untold suffering. Kittens are cute but sick kittens are not. Three out of four kittens born will die from illness, neglect or euthanasia. I’m not good a math but those numbers are crazy!

One unofficial holiday we’re suggesting for February is #BlackCatLove Month. It’s a popular hashtag on Instagram and since February is all about Valentine hearts and love, why not? We kicked off the positive#adoptblackcats message on Instagram on Saturday with our featured #adorableadoptable Marlena and her kittens. Instagram posts are usually very short but we wanted to share more about Marlena and why her story matters. She is very lucky to be alive. I’d like to think her survival must have a bigger purpose.

Winter is half over but kitten season has already begun. Yes, it peaks during the spring and summer but never ends. Why? Because kittens as young as 4 months can get pregnant and continues the cycle of kittens having kittens. It only takes four months! That’s what happened to Marlena. There is only one humane solution: spay/neuter before the first heat. It’s why February National Spay/Neuter Month and the ASPCA Beat The Heat month so important. Click on the link for what you need to know.


Marlena, who is about 9 months old was surrendered with her four 4-week-old kittens by a hoarder to a local high-kill shelter in Columbus, Georgia in December. They were in such rough shape their chances of survival in a kill shelter was zero. Not only were they severely malnourished and covered in fleas but suffering from feline panleukopenia (FP) a deadly virus. (Learn more about the different F viruses).

They needed a miracle. Luckily, Animal Ark Rescue a no-kill rescue in Columbia, Georgia has a “Love of Mommies” program where they find foster homes from pregnant or nursing cats or dogs. Marlena and her babies were placed into a foster care with Abigail @myfosterfelines where they received around the-clock-treatment of subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, dewormer and plenty of TLC.

The first few days are critical for survival of the virus. A week later they were well on their way to recovery. Once Marlena felt better she turned into a good mom, always cleaning her babies and letting them play with her tail. She also craved attention from Abigail not surprisingly and was turning into a very sweet kitty. Life was warm, safe and good finally, but foster care only continues until the kittens are weaned.

And then it’s adoption time. Look at these adorable tabbies and a tortie!



A few days ago it was time for Marlena and her healthy and weaned kittens to return to the shelter. The kittens were caged and put up for adoption and Marlena was immediately spayed and is now in the community room. Abigail has visited her and says she is always hiding which makes it difficult for anyone to adopt her. Her kittens have good odds of being adopted but what about Marlena? She deserves a good home after everything she’s endured in her short life. She’s separated from her kittens in a room full of unfamiliar cats in a shelter with many dogs. Who can blame her for hiding but we know she is capable of being loving and affectionate if given a chance.


Won’t you please share her story? Tag any friends in Georgia.

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Much feline love,


P.S. the first photo is an old one of Odin and Angel Gris Gris (both neutered).


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