former feral birthday
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FIV+ Former Feral Celebrates 13th Birthday

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Mondays With Merlin will return next week but today is all about the FIV+ former feral birthday boy Domino who is celebrating his 13th birthday. The only comment from him is “I’m glad I don’t have opposable thumbs. Carry on.” He’s as droll as ever.

former feral birthday

He’s living proof that FIV+ cats are adoptable. If you’ve never read about his remarkable rescue in 2011, check out Operation Domino: Capturing A Feral Houdini We’ve including pics never seen before, and even Jackson Galaxy who’d been at our home the month before helped.

What birthday gift do you give a cat who has everything? A vet visit or two. Yup, both Odin and Domino were trundled off to the vet for wellness visits. Hubby insisted on getting a micro-chip for Domino. I didn’t see the point after all these years. His territory has shrunk and he spends his outdoor time mostly on the porch but then came a horrible thought. Domino retains his feral instincts and even though he chose to live with us years ago, he insists on being outside fot at least part of the day. If he suddenly got ill, we worried that he’d slink off somewhere to die without any ID. A crazy thought maybe but we decided to microchip him. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about micro-chipping your cat, just do it. May is Chip Your Pet Month.

We have lots of pet holidays this month. Scroll to the end to see them all.

The good news is considering Domino is 13, FIV+ and lived outside for 7 years, the vet was astounded by how healthy he is. The senior panel results were perfect but he does need dental extractions. Odin is in fine form and as adventurous as ever. Merlin is hanging on by an invisible thread. Many thanks for the thoughtful comments on our personal Facebook page.

I thought it would be fun to dig into our archives to see how Domino has changed since we began blogging almost five years ago. One thing that hasn’t changed is Domino’s complete disinterest in birthdays. Our BIG 5 year anniversary is on June 1st and we have something special planned for you! Various projects are delayed and news is forthcoming.

former feral birthday

former feral birthday former feral birthday

former feral birthday

 former feral Birthday

former feral birthday fiv+ former feral birthday
To find out the facts about FIV, read our post Cats and FIV by Dr. Letrisa Miller. For more old Domino pics, see A Stroll Down Memory Lane from 2012.

MAY Pet Holidays

National Pet Month and National Pet Week
Responsible Animal Guardian Month.
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.
Pet Cancer Awareness Month (Sponsored by Pet Cancer Awareness and the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research).
Chip Your Pet Month.
May 1-7: Be Kind to Animals Week (AHA).
May 3: National Specially-abled Pets Day.
May 1-7: National Pet Week (AVMA).
May 8: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 23: National Heat Awareness Day (prep for summer safety).


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