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Feliway “I Feel Good” Double Giveaway

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Feliway review giveaway-entirely pets

Feliway is my favorite “feel good” pet product that’s safe and scientifically proven to work.

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Pheromones are ‘chemical messengers’ used to communicate between members of the same species. Scent is a huge way that cats communicate with each other. When cats head butt against objects or people, they leave trace amounts of a pheromone from the scent glands located above their eyes. It marks the object as belonging to them and that makes them feel good. The synthetic version works the same way and has multiple uses. I first learned about Feliway a few years ago from our vet who used the plug-in version in his mobile clinic to make his patients more relaxed and comfortable. I’ve used it and recommended it as a must have for most kitty households ever since. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed, so it must NOT be used on or near a litter box. It is however ideal to the used on areas where inappropriate spraying, urination or defecation has occurred.

It’s ideal for spraying on new pet beds, kitty condos or scratching posts to encourage use. My favorite use is to make a stressed cat feel more secure during any stressful time from going to the vet, moving, noisy fireworks and introducing a new cat to their home (with or without other pets). Simply plug-in the diffuser into an electrical outlet in area where the cat will spend most of their time a few days before. I’ve always liked the convenience of using both the plug-in and the spray. The spray is great to spritz about cat’s nose height along door jambs and pieces of furniture as a “welcome to your forever home”.

Obviously, Feliway won’t cure an underlying medical condition. It is never to be sprayed directly on a cat.

More tips from the official Feliway website

Our Feliway giveaway is sponsored by Entirely Pets, the online pet supply store with incredible variety and value.

Two lucky Cat Wisdom 101 readers will win both the

Plug-in Diffuser and the Feliway Spray

To enter our giveaway, simply leave a comment with what you would use Feliway for. For added chances of winning, social media share and mention in a separate comment where you shared i.e. on Facebook, etc.This giveaway is on until 11:59 pm EST, August 23, 2013. The two winners will be announced on August 24, 2013. Good luck!

The winner of our World’s Best Cat Litter giveaway is Riverfront Cats. Congratulations!

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