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Rare Video Of Odin One-Eyed Adventure Cat

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Rare Video Of Odin One-Eyed Adventure Cat for Mancat Monday Motivation.

As your egalitarian feline editor Clyde, I’m shining the light on Odin this week. Are you and your cats itching for spring? We sure are. Odin is the only one keen to go outdoors regardless of the weather. He did some epic tree climbing which we captured in a video. When it’s really cold, Layla sits near a window where she can hear him tap on the window when he wants in. It’s a revolving dance of in and out all day.

Many cats get squirrelly with less stimulation and no fresh air, but please help is on the way with our cabin fever tips.

While watching the Oscars, Layla decided to edit some video footage she took recently of Odin. He adores the attention and while Layla much prefers photography, she does shoot the odd video and then does nothing with it. YouTube was never her thing and less so since they’ve made changes to penalize the little guy. It’s embarrassing to have so few views but only established YouTube stars get any traction. Who cares? We decided to make a few videos for posterity since who knows how long any of us will be around. Oh dear, I’m so not ready for my close-up.

It’s a dreary time of year. Our kitty memorial garden took a beating this winter but what is remembered lives forever. It’s a comfort knowing Merlin, Coco, Gris Gris and Radish are gamboling in warm sunshine forever.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for our big annual Spay Day post with fun graphics like this.



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