Feliway “I Feel Good” Double Giveaway

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Feliway is my favorite “feel good” pet product that’s safe and scientifically proven to work.

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. Pheromones are ‘chemical messengers’ used to communicate between members of the same species. Scent is a huge way that cats communicate with each other. When cats head butt against objects or people, they leave trace amounts of a pheromone from the scent glands located above their eyes. It marks the object as belonging to them and that makes them feel good. The synthetic version works the same way and has multiple uses. I first learned about Feliway a few years ago from our vet who used the plug-in version in his mobile clinic to make his patients more relaxed and comfortable. I’ve used it and recommended it as a must have for most kitty households ever since. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed, so it must NOT be used on or near a litter box. It is however ideal to the used on areas where inappropriate spraying, urination or defecation has occurred.

It’s ideal for spraying on new pet beds, kitty condos or scratching posts to encourage use. My favorite use is to make a stressed cat feel more secure during any stressful time from going to the vet, moving, noisy fireworks and introducing a new cat to their home (with or without other pets). Simply plug-in the diffuser into an electrical outlet in area where the cat will spend most of their time a few days before. I’ve always liked the convenience of using both the plug-in and the spray. The spray is great to spritz about cat’s nose height along door jambs and pieces of furniture as a “welcome to your forever home”.

Obviously, Feliway won’t cure an underlying medical condition. It is never to be sprayed directly on a cat.

More  tips from the official Feliway website

Our Feliway giveaway is sponsored by Entirely Pets, the online pet supply store with incredible variety and value.

Two lucky Cat Wisdom 101 readers will win both the

Plug-in Diffuser and the Feliway Spray

To enter our giveaway, simply leave a comment with what you would use Feliway for.  For added chances of winning, social media share and mention in a separate comment where you shared i.e. on Facebook, etc.This giveaway is on until 11:59 pm EST, August 23, 2013. The two winners will be announced on August 24, 2013. Good luck!

The winner of our World’s Best Cat Litter giveaway is Riverfront Cats. Congratulations!

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121 thoughts on “Feliway “I Feel Good” Double Giveaway”

  1. I’ve only taken my mom’s cat to visit her once in the nursing home she has been in for 4 months now. It’s such a stressful trip for her 10 year old siamese… She told me just this afternoon that she’d like another visit with her boy. A liitle help from Feliway sounds like a purrfect solution.

  2. Truffle and Brulee are pretty relaxed. However, Brulee gets very stressed when it’s time for grooming and since she’s a Persian, she must be groomed every day. I hope the Feliway would relax her enough so she could be groomed as necessary.

  3. I would definitely donate this to a shelter or a friend who has cats. To calm them a bit. I used this a few times when I had my Chelsea, and it did relax her to some extent, especially in the evenings. My vet even recommended it.

  4. I have 3 cats and 1 kitten.One cat whom is one yr old is an feral cat so he is the leader.One cat weights 25 pounds whom likes to be left alone but the feral and the kitten loves to wrestle all over him where they all 3 get more orenery and then the hairs start flying!! So this would help so much !!

  5. We have had one of our cats pee on our mattress 3 times in the past few weeks. After flipping it twice we finally we had to drag it out to the curb and go purchase a new one. My kitty is frustrated, we think, by the 2 kittens and feral mom we are currently fostering. I am thinking (hoping!) some Feliway in the bedroom would help relax her and stop the peeing… I have kept the bedroom door closed for 2 weeks now and we are getting tired of having to search the room before we leave it to make sure no one has gotten in and hidden so we don’t lock them up in there by mistakeI And, we can’t keep buying new mattresses at $800 a shot! I’d gladly try some Feliway. Thanks!

  6. I sure would like to win this. I have a stressed kitty as we had a new roof put on this week. I’ve been trying to reassure her but she has decided under the bed is the place to be when the loud noises are above!

  7. Great stuff! I’ve used the spray in my cat’s carrier for vet visits, around the house when relatives visit and am currently using the diffuser in my bedroom while the house is being remodeled. Feliway and lots of play time make for a relaxed kitty! I plan on getting another (if I don’t win 🙂 ) to use when our new kitten arrives in 2 weeks.

  8. I have a cat that likes to spray on my sons bed, it would be nice to try this product to see if it will curb this unwanted behavior.

  9. I would use this to keep the peace between my 4 cats….and for some reason, our “first” baby has decided to start scratching the couch, no idea why?!?

  10. Also tweeted the #Feliway #giveaway! I would use it on my high anxiety meezer whenever we’re having people over. He freaks out every time, which is a shame because my friends would love to play with him and give him lots of pets…

  11. I would really like to win this, I absolutely Love Feliway products! Accept no substitutions, they’re not
    near what Feliway is.

  12. I could greatly use the Feliway, having 4 furry children there is a constant competition to own portions of the house. My entire family would be happier and calmer with the Feliway!

  13. I would love to win this. I would use it on the scratching post for both cats and on the Emory Board that my cats never use, even when I sprinkle catnip on it. I shared on Pinterest on the Cats board and on Facebook.

  14. Have been using Feliway diffuser for several years in a multi-cat household. Keeps the cats relatively calm and they remain playful.

  15. Concats to Riverfront Cats!! The Feliway sounds like a great product! Anything that helps soothe,calm and ease stress is wonderful!
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  16. I would use it to replace an old one that is pretty much worn out. I could never live in this house if I didn’t have Feliway diffusers running all the time. If I forget to change one my cats leave me a definitive message to remind me. I’ve also used the wipes when I take my cats to cat shows. Don’t know if it helps but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.

  17. I have a few strays that were born on my porch a few months ago. The last surviving one and his mom have taken up residence in our yard since, of course, we feed them. Being the last of the bunch we’re trying to bring him in & slowly introducing him to my dogs. So far so good but I’d like to use it to calm him when he’s indoors. I wan him to feel safer then he’s come since mom won venture any further than the doorway.

  18. We have the spray and TW used it last time I had to go to the vet. Pop yelled at her cos he noticed that the spray contains ethanol which appalled him. Thanks for having this giveaway but I’m going to pass to let someone else try it.

  19. We have five females. One is much smaller than the others and she is constantly nervous, waiting to be attacked. I’d use it where they all hang out to calm her down.

  20. My two kitties have four litter boxes to share but still go outside of the boxes. I’m just now trying Feliway (2 weeks so far). One kitty likes to lie beside the Feliway dispenser so there must be something she is noticing.

  21. I would use this to keep our alpha male cat from getting our shy former feral male cat from getting so upset when we go on vacation in September. LOVE Entirely Pets…can’t beat their prices!

  22. My two girls, ages 12 and 7 just lost their doberman buddy of 7 1/2 years. They are both peeing outside the litter boxes. Serious problem. Maybe this would help.

  23. I would use this for all three of my cats. Especially Hamlet. He always gets so hyper and likes to tear at things and people. He also has an obsession with spraying in my house… And to get him to stop attacking my cat FedEx… I strongly believe that this could help me in so many ways..

  24. I would use feliway mainly for my one cat who is quite anxious and will sometimes go after my other two cats. This may calm him down and then they won’t have to be afraid of him when he gets like that!

    Thank you!

  25. Feliway is great! We would either use it for kitties at the shelter OR here at home (because we are thinking of fostering some adult kitties)! We think Angel Sammy would like that, and we know he will guide us to the right one(s). 🙂

  26. My husband and I have two crazy cats that will be one in October. We are also cat sitting for a neighbor’s cat but he got hurt and is in the nursing home. We have been “cat sitting” for almost a year now but at 92, I’m thinking she is probably ours now. She’s too sweet to just give to a stranger and she has been wonderful with our two. She is only maybe four or five months older than them. I would just love to be able to give them something new!

  27. Our Mickey Mouser might benefit from this. He’s a scaredy cat. Our friends think he’s imaginary because he disappears when anyone comes in the house.

  28. We had a baby a few months ago and since then one of our cats has been peeing in inappropriate places, mainly outside our bedroom. I would use it to help calm her and make her feel secure enough to stop the behavior of peeing all over the house.

  29. I have two rescues and one I’ve had since a kitten. We had stray at our front door one night and it sent one of the rescues in to a tizzy! She became pretty crabby with her housemates. I used Feliway to bring her back aroun. I still use the diffuser once in a while to keep the calm.

  30. I spray Feliway in the carrier before vet trips and at home when things get “stressful”. I’m a stray cat magnet – currently have 17 cats – and Feliway has been a big help over the years.

  31. I would use Feliway for a few reasons! My male cat sometimes “marks” the couch. I have had to buy the plastic covers for them and scrub them with a shampooer. I dislike having the plastic covers on the couches, as they do not make my house feel like a home. We also just moved, and I can tell that same male cat is on edge. I would like him to feel comfortable in our new home! My female cat always seems in a defensive mode, and I would also like for her to be able to relax.

  32. I have a 15 year old and 20 year old cat in a new house. Some calming kitty pheromones would probably be very helpful 🙂

  33. I would use it with our cats while out of the house (to the store, work, etc.), to help them feel secure, while at the same time comforting and calming them. 🙂

  34. would use it to help our cats get along better they are loveable and sweet in the same house together till ya get them in same room a foot away then oh boy look out fur flyin

  35. My rescue kitty has issues with peeing, she pees anywhere she feels like it mostly, the dogs bed. She has cost us a lot of dog beds, and our poor dog is arthritic, and miserable without his beds….. We really need Felaway or something to help with this issue…..HELP!!!!

  36. My vet recommended it to us after my baby had 2 ER visits for blockages 🙁 We got a sample of it for his last scare while we were moving, and it helped!

  37. Where I would use it? Oh my that is easy … my sick little girl could use any paw out she can get. She is choosing not to eat again today which is driving Mom over the edge of worry. Well maybe Mom could use the Feliway on herself if it calms the spirit.

  38. I’d give it to one of my friends who has a cat and I know they could use it. I’ve used this for my cat before when she was totally stressed out about something she saw outside from the window.

  39. My two boy kitties sometimes pick on my girl kitty, which stresses her out. I wonder if Feliway would help with that, and it’s certainly worth a try so … paws crossed that I win!

  40. We’re a pretty mellow bunch but our big brother Maxx gets stressed easily around other cats and has to stay in another room because of that. We’d love to give Feliway a try! Thanks!

  41. Mungogerrie and Rumpleteaser would really benefit from this when riding to the vet’s office. “Teaser” gets edgy when a loud vehicle drives by the house. Maybe this would help.

  42. We are moving across the country in October and taking our kitties along. I really need this product to help ease their stress! Thank you!!

  43. I thin would be a great product for my Lillia, she had occular seizures and gets very nervous and spins whenever there are loud noises (from garbage trucks to fireworks), and when someone she doesn’t know is around. She has an area she likes to stay and I would use it near there. She lives a happy life and plays with the rest of the crew, but when she has her bad moments I feel helpless-this could be wonderful for her!

  44. I have an elderly kitty that gets stressed from the other kitties. I think this would help him somewhat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. I would use it to help my cat Cinder feel more at home now that I have a roommate. Ever since my roommate moved in 7 months ago, Cinder refuses to come downstairs from the third floor of my townhouse (my roommate lives on the 2nd floor). However if my roommate has been out of the house for at least 5 days or more, Cinder will come downstairs. 🙁

  46. I would use it to keep my diva more calm. Although the girls have been together for nearly 5 years, I still have problems with the bigger of the two attacking the smaller one. It sometimes gets so bad I have to resort to keeping them in separate rooms for 24 hours. I have no clue what triggers this, either, but it makes me anxious which, I’m sure they pick up on.

  47. We are BIG BIG BIG into Feliway!!!
    Glogirly says it’s kept Waffles and I out of the fighting ring. ; )
    We would LOVE to win the giveaway…and whole heartedly recommend the product.


    (our correct email is glogirl(at)visi(dot)com…please don’t use the one attached to our profile)

  48. doodz…we wanted ta stop by N say hope everee one haza trout filled kinda week oh end …N best fishes two everee one enterin de contest 🙂

  49. We rescued a cat that we found near some abandoned homes after Sandy. She and my other female cat get along ok but I am having issues with my male cat attacking her several times a day. I feel terrible, especially since she is a least 12 years old only 8 pounds. Hoping this may help…..

  50. I recently added a new rescued kitten to my household. While one of my cats has accepted him happily the other is exhibiting some signs of stress. I would love to try this product.

  51. There’s a fair amount of conflict in my multi-cat all rescued kitty family. I would use the Feliway to help diffuse the tension a bit (I hope!).

  52. I use both diffuser and spray! Diffuser for home and spary when going to the vet. I don’t see big change in behavior, but I hope it helps them feel relaxed 🙂

  53. My current cat is a recent adoptee from a shelter, spent all her life in cages. She overgrooms. I would use it just to make her feel more at home and relaxed

  54. I’ve been having problems with Leonardo being upset about something outside of our north window and digging up the entire carpet there!

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