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Feline Truth Trumps Fake News

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Feline Truth Trumps Fake News is fresh off the press.

Welcome to Mondays With Merlin with your host Clyde, a cat. Unless you’ve been catnapping 24/7 you know the media is awash in fake news. It’s gotten as stinky as a litter box box marinating for a month. I say poo on gas-lighting, fear-mongering and crazy-making news.

It’s time for us cats to put our paws down. Sit on your hooman. Sit on the remote. Personally, I like sitting on Layla’s cell phone. Stop filling your head with fake news. Do not believe anything you read, anywhere except here or other wise cat blogs. If you know of any, please leave a comment with their name or tag them with this post.

We will demonstrate our own truth or fake news exercise.

Truth or Fake?

rise and shine_clyde_cat


I welcome you to wake up, rise up and stand up for sunshine and sanity. Disclosure: There is only one real Clyde, not two.

Truth or Fake?


True. Most of the Time. Do not mistake opinion for truth.

Truth or Fake?



This is an actual photo of Merlin at his funeral taken in May, 2016. We would never lie about our great feline master. However, cats being artful and magical, are known to take liberties with poetic license. By the power of imagination and fairy dust, Merlin makes frequent appearances here. Like all wise teachers from Buddha to Rumi, Merlin is more alive today. There is no expiration date on wisdom, or truth for that matter.

Truth or Fake?


Fake. But don’t you wish it was true? Wouldn’t you love to sip coffee or hot cocoa from a mug with a CATelaine magazine cover? We were inspired by the Canadian magazine Chatelaine that Layla grew up reading in her home town of Montreal.

This is a re-imagined magazine in the public domain but the truth is it actually dates from January 1919! It’s shows how easy it is to blur truth with fiction. As always, feline truth trumps fake news every time.

Truth or Fake?

fake news

True. This is yours truly Clyde. I’ve been eating enough for two. This is a good thing for skinny CKD, diabetic cats like moi. I wish you bon appetit and a whisker-licking good week.



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