What You Need To Know About Wet Cat Food Options.

What You Need To Know About Wet Cat Food Options.

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It’s no secret that we believe wet cat food is better for cats. Read our post Why Dry Food Is Not A Healthy Option  by a feline nutritionist. When we adopted Clyde, age 17, he arrived from the shelter with wet and dry prescription food for kidney disease. As soon as he was diagnosed with diabetes, the vet recommended only wet food. But what about all those kinds and textures?

If you’ve visited a pet food store lately, you know that there are dozens of options for you to feed your feline wet cat food. They range in flavor and texture to food that’s geared toward particular age or health issues.

Take wet food, for example: There are options for young and old cats as well as different flavors, textures, and ingredients. So how do you decide what’s best for your family’s cat?

First, start by learning more about the different textures of wet cat food—because they aren’t all the same .Cats with dental issues prefer a smoother texture. For cats like Clyde, I mix in a little water for added liquid to make a “gravy”.  Most cats hate cold, straight from the fridge food so I’ll add hot water or warm it for a ten seconds in the microwave.

There is a growing trend for toppers, gravies and broths but these should not be used in lieu of a complete meal.

Wet cat food comes in small single serve cans, pouches or containers or larger cans which are ideal for multiple cat households. We go through a lot of cans every day with multiple feeding but we like to recycle.  TIP: set aside a plastic recycle box just for cat food cans. and large enough for a week’s worth of cans. Rinse out the cans before tossing into the recycle box.  If you have kitty scavengers, get a container with a lid.





























































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Once you figure out the texture your cat prefers, it’s important to learn what you can and can’t do with wet food. Unlike dry food, you can’t leave wet food out. Want to learn more about the options for wet food?

Check this out this graphic.

Wet cat food cans are recyclable.


Happy Caturday! What’s your cat’s favorite texture?

31 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Wet Cat Food Options.”

  1. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  2. We’ve discovered only Pate works here at Colehaus. All others have been tried, and tried again, and every time, most has been thrown out or given to our outside visitors. It would seem Pate texture is the most boring of the wet food choices but since it works, that’s what we’ve learned to stick with. Of course, our Dad is always trying to mix it up with something new. Never works. He’s even put the chunkier foods in a blender to create Pate. Nope, we know the difference. Give us Pate or give us… Pate!

  3. We do canned as much as possible even with the feral gangs but it gets expensive so we have to do dry. We would rather not unless it is below freezing and the wet food would freeze before the cats could eat it. We feed 2x per day so we can go thru some food fast.We like pate whenever possible because with the ferals you can never be sure who may have dental issues and how old many of them are.
    Thanks for the furbulous info!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  4. Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red will eat anything. One of them even stole a bagel off the kitchen counter yesterday. Having gone through kidney disease with Tommie, I only feed them grain free wet food. If it’s a pate I always add a spoon full of water. Kisses for Clyde!

  5. This is an interesting article, Ms. Layla. We like pate the best. When mom and dad are in the kitchen we listen for one of them to open a can of cat food. When they do we come running, we meow and carry on until we are fed. (Tater is the smallest but she yells the loudest) Andy, Tater and Shelly

  6. TW loves to give me wet with a snack of kibble. I prefer kibble. It’s a daily battle. I mostly get Weruva with pumpkin soup since I don’t drink water. I used to love shredded food but lately have been eating more paté which sometimes TW will add water to. Neither of us like paté that is like cement. It has to be soft like Muse. Great graphics.

  7. My vet recommended dry food, because it cleans her teeth. It’s a dental care prescription dry food. Would I need to brush my cat’s teeth if I switch completely to wet food?

  8. I have a cat who is allergic to fish, so both dry and wet cat foods, be sure to check the fine print of ingredients on the package. Food labeled “Chicken” I have found with fish meal or fish as a minor ingredient on the back of the can or package! To keep it simple with four cats, no fish containing foods are fed to anyone. Pate is the most favorite, and big chunks or chunky the least favorite. All they do is lick off the juice and leave the chunks!

    Greg (felinecafe)

  9. Meow Layla,

    Fanks furr aksin bowt wat Mao and me, Cheddar, wuv to eat.

    Sries bowt speling. Didn’t get past cat-ergarten.

    I love any kinda bits n gravy, n lots of watR to dRink.

    (Mom helpD me wif Speln and typping. Cantcha tell?)

    Mao loves moah gravies than me, afinkso.

    We hates on drI food, n Mawm nebber gives it no moah to us. I hates pate. Need wotsa frssh watR. And wots of sleep wif Mawm.

    We eat Chewy and Fancy Feast mostly.


    U look lovelee 2day, Layla. U look luvlee eberyday.

    Till next time,

    CheddR N Mao.

  10. There are a dizzying number of options in the canned food aisle for textures, which can be confusing for the humans, but great for giving us lots of choices! Pierre prefers sliced, but that is subject to change without notice. Newton and Ashton love all of it!

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