odin's 13th cat birthday

Odin’s Worst 13th Cat Birthday With A Fox

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Odin’s Worst 13th Cat Birthday With A Fox by Layla Morgan Wilde

It’s our 13th blog anniversary and Odin’s 13th birthday not that he cares. Every day is a celebration with him. June is our favorite month and this what we’re celebrating. Everything is green and it’s almost summer. It’s warm enough for naps outdoors. The humans love al fresco coffee in the garden in the morning and cocktails at 5pm.

13th cat birthday

June is also Adopt-a- Shelter Cat Month and every June I remind Odin how lucky he was adopted 13 years ago. He begs to differ and and says I’m the lucky one. Okay, I’ll give him that. June is bittersweet this year. Odin and Nou Nou both Gemini cats celebrated their birthdays in early June but this year Nou Nou will be waving from the Rainbow Bridge. Odin must have been pissed off because he pooped on her grave yesterday!

He’s in fine form, happy and ridiculously healthy. It’s hard to believe he’s a geriatric cat of 13. His vet is always astounded by his excellent health.

June also reminds me of the dearest older cat I adopted briefly, Radish. Adopt A Shelter Pet Month-Radish The Cat Is Home

If you see a black screen, no worries, click on it. It’s cute video collage I made.

Well then, since I couldn’t invite Odin’s online friends or his Russian “girlfriend” Chmurka (yes, that’s her name and it means small cloud.) down the road, I made a little party anyway. It turns out two furry, unwanted guests arrived. Dylan, a neighbor’s unruly pug and a young fox (not at the same time).

In Odin’s eye, a twinkle of delight,
As he turns thirteen, his future shines bright.
With wisdom beyond his years,
He purrs away all his fears,
A majestic cat, a true feline.
Happy 13th birthday to Odin, the one-eyed cat!
May this special milestone be filled with love, laughter,
and wonderful moments together xo, Chmurka

I made an embarrassing birthday party video and shared in on Instagram and Facebook but the file was too large to post here, thank the cat gods. Honestly, I’ve just about given up on social media :-). Anyway, here’s a screenshot but I refuse to link to it.

There are two sweet foxes who live nearby and frequently gambol on the hill. Odin who is the king of the hill isn’t aggressive but stands his ground as seen here. This was filmed from a distance so it’s not the best. Obviously, Ms. Fox was not welcome to his birthday party.


I leave the birthday boy with a little story.

Once upon a time, in a forest lush and green,
Lived Odin, the wise cat, with tales to be seen.
With one eye so bright, he embarked on grand quests,
A GPS adventure cat, nature’s secrets he’d digest.
Odin would climb trees, reaching for the skies,
His paws dancing lightly, like butterflies.
From branch to branch, he’d explore with delight,
Discovering hidden treasures, day or night.
A lover of nature, Odin felt its gentle call,
In every rustle of leaves, he found joy in all.
He’d purr with delight in the soft wind’s embrace,
Sharing his wisdom, with a smile on his face.
But Odin had more to offer, a voice so strong,
A cat adoption advocate, where he belonged.
He’d tell tales of rescue cats, finding loving homes,
Inspiring others to adopt, wherever they may roam.
Through his blog, he’d share adventures and dreams,
Sparkling tales of wonder, like moonlit streams.
Cat lovers far and wide would gather ’round,
Eager to hear the stories that Odin had found.
On Odin’s 13th birthday, we embrace,
A wise and funny cat with love and grace.
With one eye twinkling, full of delight,
He navigates the world, a whimsical sight.
In nature’s embrace, Odin finds his glee,
Scaling trees with agility, wild and free.
A GPS adventure cat, he explores,
Discovering wonders, opening nature’s doors.
A lover of the Earth, its beauty so grand,
He spreads joy with each paw in the sand.
Through his blog, he weaves tales untold,
Of nature’s secrets, his stories unfold.
But beyond his antics and purrs unbridled,
Odin is an advocate, his heart so kind-hearted.
Promoting cat adoption, he lends a hand,
Guiding feline friends to a loving, forever land.


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