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Feline Fortune Teller’s Spring Forecast

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Feline Fortune Teller’s Spring Forecast with Clyde and happy Spring Equinox from our home to yours.

Hello all, it’s Odin sporting a fresh green gingham collar for spring but that’s all that’s green. Our snowdrops popped up and dropped down after the last storm and never mind our poor crocuses. They’ve gone back to sleep. Meanwhile, I’m chomping at the bit, standing at the door to go out. Hello spring. Ready or not, here I come!

Hello Spring cats

Oh, Odin, you’re full of piss and vinegar but you can’t fool this old boy.

What are you saying, Clyde?

I’m saying, you’ve turned into a pussy of a pussy.

How dare you! I’m still the adventure cat I’ve always been.

No you’re not. I’ve seen you whine to come back in after a few minutes and you never used to seek out the heating pads like the others. Face it. You’re getting older.

I’m only six, well seven in June.

See what I mean? You’re middle-aged.

Well, you’re freaking dinosaur then. You’re 17.

Let’s not argue. It’s finally spring after an endless winter and dear mom ill with pneumonia and Bast knows what for months. It’s time for some fresh energy and the cards look interesting. Merlin cautioned me about being too optimistic. The main card is the MOON. He explains about it in his tarot reading but I have a slightly different interpretation. Yes, there will be moodiness but a heightened intuition for those already tuned in. Expect hidden things to come to the surface like creepy documents in politics. But remember Mercury is going retrograde on April 8.

Gah, not that beastly Mercury again

It’s not all bad just double check details an expect delays. Layla thinks having pre-sales on Amazon for our book before the retrograde is fine but it’s a publishing no no to publish during a Mercury retrograde. We’re living in unusual times and we might as well accept weird is the new normal

Do you have any good news?

It’s spring and even if we do NOTHING the grass will be green and flowers will bloom again. Maybe not today but soon. I’m happy to report Domino and I shared a friendly head butt for the first time.

WHAT? My best bud Domino?

Don’t be jealous. You know I’m making an effort to get along with everyone. Anyway, I’m too old too wrestle like you maniacs or heaven forbid, climb trees like you.

spring cat

Mind you, I’m feeling pretty darn good these days. Being fed on demand works for me. I may have CKD but I’ve stopped losing weight and I didn’t need insulin again yesterday.

I’m happy for you and my suggestion for everyone as fed up as I am is:

cat in snow spring


Odin, you are one wild and crazy cat.

Now, I don’t have time to share all the cards but I’m loving the golden ship with the dolphin. It’s unusual showing an Ace of Coins or Pentacles with water but that’s the Black Cat Tarot for ye. You can see all the beauties on Pinterest This Ace is considered one of the luckiest in the deck and if you you play your cards right, your ship will come in.

It’s all about abundance.

Not just money but about feeling physically stronger more grounded. So if you happen to be reading this (and there are no accidents)and you need a break or are job hunting, luck is with you. Think about blooming, yes you can right where you are. Just don’t sign any contracts until Mercury clears out in early May.

Since our garden is a frozen wasteland, I’ll share what March 20th looked like in 2012. Look at Domino with everything bursting to life around him.

Spring-garden-cat-logs-domino-cat wisdom 101

Every year, every month, every day is different. There is no use comparing what once was. All we have is now. This very minute. N O W.

I leave you dear one with the wise words of my mentor and professor emeritus, Merlin from March 24, 2014, age 19. No one had more zest for life than him. He lived every day as if it were his last.

If there is something you want to do, and all you have are excuses, well excuse me, but butter me and call me a bun. That won’t do. The roadblocks are usually mountains out of molehills and fear-based.

Do your really want to be a member of the Too Too Club? I can’t to X or Y because I’m too old, too out of shape, too much in debt, too tired, too, you know, too too. Maybe you can’t do it all or the way you once did but don’t compare. There’s plenty you can do. There are things waiting for you, yes you! Waiting for you to say yes. How long will they wait? I don’t know but I guarantee you: there is an expiry date.

Let me know what you’re itching to do.

I can’t wait to sniff some warm, fragrant fresh air. I arrived at the beginning of winter and before that I was in a shelter cage. Before that I was in my old home so I haven’t enjoyed fresh air since late last summer. Mmmm, window whiffies are in my future.

siamese spring quote


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